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5 Things Women Need to Know About Eye Health

Every woman should learn about the unique nature of women’s eye health.
Modern Times Jun 26, 2019
For centuries, people have dedicated art and poetry to the eyes. No doubt, the eyeballs are among the human body’s most prized assets.
Vision allows you to drive safely on a dark road and gaze fondly at loved ones. A sense so precious deserves special attention, especially since eye health affects women differently from men.

Pregnancy and Menopause Can Affect Your Vision

Women experience major hormonal changes that can cause vision to fluctuate. For example, expectant mothers might experience dry eyes, puffy eyelids, or refractive changes because of increased hormones.
Menopausal women are also at an increased risk of getting dry eyes which can lead to corneal surface damage and make everyday tasks more challenging.

Women Are Often Caregivers

Women aren’t responsible just for their own health. Taking care of spouses, elderly parents, and children often falls on the woman’s shoulders. As a caregiver, prioritizing your vision and health positively affects the people around you, and your dependents.

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Eyes

The eyes benefit when healthy choices are part of your lifestyle. A diet rich in fruits and dark leafy veggies like kale promotes optimum eye health.
Maintaining a healthy weight also lowers your risk of developing diabetes, and other conditions that can cause vision loss. Avoid smoking which damages the eyes just as much as the rest of the body.

Be Cool and Wear Your Shades

Ultraviolet rays damage the eyes and surrounding skin which can lead to cancer, cataracts, and other conditions.
Shield your eyes with a pair of shades that block out at least 99 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. Wear glasses? Thankfully, designer prescription sunglasses are the one-stop answer. The prescription is added and your eyes stylishly protected.

Get Regular Dilated Exams

Annual checkups are important for everyone, but women especially should not skip their yearly eye exam. More women than men experience vision loss from glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
Regular dilated exams at the optometrist office helps detect these problems early before your eyesight suffers.
When you prioritize eye health today, you help protect your vision for tomorrow. Schedule regular optometrist appointments to promote overall wellness even if you’re confident in your eyesight. Your vision and loved ones will thank you.