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6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Rujuta Borkar Apr 10, 2019
Let us take you through some of the pregnancy symptoms that are noticed when one is pregnant at 6 weeks. Read if you're headed that way.
The 6th week of your pregnancy is fast approaching and you don't really know what's happening with your body, with the baby, and your general health. Why waste your time and affect your health with trepidations of what's going to happen and whether all is right? If you knew what the 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms are, you'd be saved from all this worrying.
Not only would you be better prepared to face any health risks, but also be able to enjoy your pregnancy knowing that everything is going well. Of course, we do not aim at replacing the routine updates that your doctor will give you, but we'll provide you with a pregnancy checklist of your 6 week pregnancy so that you can refer to it whenever the need be.

Fetal Growth

What is going on with the baby inside of you? What are some of the pregnancy symptoms that will make their presence felt in the 6th week? The symptoms go something like this:
  • The baby measures about ¾th of an inch or 2 mm-5 mm. That is as much as half a bean. This is measured in terms of head to buttocks because a head to toe measurement is not possible since the embryo's legs are tucked in.
  • The baby is growing rapidly with each passing day and the development will be felt soon. This stage is known as the embryonic period.
  • The baby's early brain chambers are forming at this point of time and the size of his head is much bigger than the rest of the body.
  • The place where the ears will eventually sprout can also be seen.
  • Similarly, the places where the nose and eyes will be formed will also be seen as dark spots.
  • Early formation of hands and legs can also be seen. Fingers and toes haven't yet formed and only webbed feet and hands are seen in its place.
  • Some organs have begun to develop and some of the ones that can be seen are lungs, pancreas, thyroid gland, and liver.
  • The heart has begun to develop rapidly and it beats at about 150 heart beats per minute.
  • The different systems of the body also begin to develop and the digestive and respiratory systems are among the first that are formed.
  • The first signs of fetal movement is experienced in the 6th week of pregnancy. Though these are slight movements and can't really be felt by the mother.
  • The growth of muscle fibers and pituitary glands is also seen.
  • The embryonic stage is a stage when environmental negative factors like alcohol, nicotine, and pollutants (among others) can affect the baby's growth severely.

Mother's Health and Development

Just as the embryo is growing, your body is also undergoing change. What is happening to the mother-to-be and what are some of the problems during pregnancy that she might face in the 6th week?
  • There will be weight gain. This depends from woman to woman and while some might gain only little, others might gain more, and some others might also lose weight due to indigestion and nausea.
  • Your waist gets bigger and bigger with each passing week.
  • Morning sickness is a common phenomenon experienced by most women during this trimester. Sometimes, this morning sickness can develop into a severe form called hyperemesis gravidarum that results in severe dehydration, weight loss, electrolyte deficiencies, and increased heart rate.
  • Your breasts will become tender and the areolas will start to darken.
  • Spotting is a common occurrence during this time. If spotting is noticed during early pregnancy, it should be checked by a doctor nonetheless so that any health complications are ruled out. This is a precaution that you should take in order to avoid miscarriages.
  • Your clothes will begin to fit tighter, especially around the mid section.
  • You might experience a feeling of being tired and drained out quite often. Exhaustion and sleep are ever present.
  • Cramping is also a very, very common sign of early pregnancy, and need not necessarily herald in any danger. Yet, experiencing cramping in early pregnancy should be checked and all doubts cleared.
  • You might also be feeling nauseous and experience pelvic discomfort.
  • Many women are prone to mood swings during this period.
  • Frequent urination, food cravings, or food aversions are also experienced in this stage.
Don't go about worrying too much over things, keep healthy, and try to be happy at all times. This will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy that you will carry to term.
Disclaimer - This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.