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Abortion Pill Side Effects

Abortion Pill Side Effects

The abortion pill is an option for unwanted pregnancy, but is there abortion pill side effects? In this article, we will discuss whether there are any side effects of the abortion pill.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
A non surgical option for termination of unwanted pregnancies is the abortion pill. The abortion pill has always been plagued by controversies and many people are yet to know all the facts about it. There are two types of abortion, surgical and non surgical. The abortion pill is nothing but a medical alternative to surgical vacuum aspiration abortion method. The brand name "Mifeprex", formerly known as RU486 is widely available and unlike a surgical abortion, a woman has to take it within 8 weeks of conception for a successful abortion. Here we will study in detail about the abortion pill and discuss its side effects.

Abortion Pill Facts

Before we delve in detail about side effects of abortion pill, let us understand abortion facts and how the abortion pill works. When a woman is facing an unwanted pregnancy and wants to terminate it, then she might choose to abort the pregnancy by using the abortion pill. However, not everyone is a prime candidate for choosing the abortion pill for terminating a pregnancy. The abortion pill is successful only on women who take it within eight weeks after their last menstruation period. Very young women i.e., Women who are under 18 or mature women who are over the age of 35 are not eligible to take this pill. Moreover, women who are suffering from epilepsy, diabetes, heart diseases, diseases related to the lung, kidneys, liver or intestinal disorders are also not eligible to take the abortion pill. Although the abortion pill can be taken in the privacy of a person's home, two to three visits to the clinic is required. Abortion pill cost is such that it can be afforded by middle income group people.

The abortion pill works by blocking the hormone called progesterone which is needed to maintain the pregnancy. When this hormone is blocked, the lining of the uterus begins to shed, which is followed by the softening and dilation of the cervix. Some women might have a bit of bleeding too. The pill also induces contractions of the uterus which is followed by the expulsion of the fetus within 6 to 8 hours, which is termed as miscarriage.

Side Effects of Abortion Pill

The abortion pill provides a woman who is facing the danger of unwanted pregnancy, a terminating method that can be done at home. But abortion pill side effects should also be taken into account before you consider this option. During the termination of pregnancy, whether it is surgical or non surgical, cramping and bleeding are normal and it suggests that the termination procedure is taking place. However, if the cramping persists or becomes severe, then it is definitely a side effect of taking the abortion pill. Other side effects of abortion pill include, nausea, dizziness, headache, extreme back pain, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Vaginal spotting 9 to 14 days after the termination procedure is done as well as fatigue are some other side effects of the abortion pill. A rare side effect of taking the abortion pill that is seen in some women is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

Abortion pill risks also include a failed abortion which then leads to a surgical termination. This puts undue mental as well as physical stress on the pregnant women. If at all it is an ectopic pregnancy, (when the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, usually the fallopian tube), then taking abortion pill might rapture the fallopian tubes which might be fatal. Another side effect of abortion pill is that if a woman takes the pill, and is then unsuccessful in terminating the pregnancy, goes ahead with the pregnancy, then there is a high risk of fetal deformities.

It is always better to know all about the side effects and outcome of any drug or medications usage, before you take it. In this way, a woman can make an informed decision regarding this.