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Back Stretches for Pregnant Women

Back Stretches for Pregnant Women

Back stretches help in preventing back pain during pregnancy. Presented below are some easy exercises for pregnant women.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017
During pregnancy, nearly all women experience lower back pain, which is caused due to several reasons. Firstly, the excess weight gain and the increased pressure on the lower back leads to back pain. Secondly, in some cases, the changing hormonal condition also gives rise to back pain. If you too experience throbbing or dull pain in the back, following easy and simple exercises will be helpful to you.

Exercises for Pregnant Women

Most of these exercises are simple and easy to do. However, make sure you perform them under the supervision of a trainer.

You should stand with your back to the wall. Now slowly try to raise your arms upwards. Try and stretch your arms above your head as much as you can, but keep your feet straight, do not bend them. Try to maintain the position for 5 seconds, without any discomfort. Now, slowly lower your arms and get back to the normal position. You can do this for 4-5 times a day to prevent back pain.

You should get down on your fours, i.e., hands and knees. Your hands should be placed directly below the shoulders and knee exactly below the hips. Take in breath and let your belly sag. When you let out breath, you can arch your back or keep it straight. This exercise is known as pelvic rock, and is one of the most effective exercises for pregnancy.

Just like above, you should get on your fours while keeping the back straight. Then, rock back and forth slowly, while keeping the back straight. Try to move as much back and forth as possible, without causing any discomfort or losing balance.

You should stand in a comfortable position. Now, clasp your hands (not too tightly) behind your back. Next, try and lift your arms as high as possible. Hold the position for 2-3 seconds, and then bring back to the original position. This exercise can also be done for 4-5 times every day.

It is recommended to perform the exercises only if your doctor recommends it. As a safety measure, while performing exercises, stay away from objects that can cause injury. You should also try not to stretch your limits excessively. Make sure you are comfortable and have something to support you. Along with exercise, taking complete and proper rest is also helpful to relieve back pain.

Disclaimer: This article is meant only to provide information. It is recommended to consult the doctor before trying any of these exercises.