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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Poushali Ganguly Jun 18, 2019
Surrogate motherhood involves renting out one's womb for nine months, so that a childless couple can get a baby.
"Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials".- Meryl Streep
Motherhood has been described in many ways, which attribute it with bearing a child and loving it to the extent of giving up on one's own desires. 
Some also say that it is like letting your heart walk out for the rest of your life. If this is motherhood, then how in surrogacy, women bear a child for almost a year in their wombs, and then give it away to another couple. To understand it, let us see the process in detail.

What is it?

It is to carry a child for the entire period of pregnancy and then give it to another couple. The child and surrogate mother may or may not share a genetic relationship, as the unrelated embryo can also be implanted in her womb. The question is- are all women in a position to become surrogate mothers? Here are the prerequisites that such a woman should have.


  • She should be in a healthy physical condition.
  • She should be more than eighteen years of age.
  • Some agencies require her be a mother, but there are others who do not have such demands.
  • The woman should not be a patient of any sexually transmitted disease.
  • She should also be a non-smoker and should also live in a smoke free environment.
  • The individual should be psychologically prepared and should be ready to go through a physical and psychological test.
  • It is better if she has a partner who can act as an emotional anchor and in case she has one, he also has to go through physical and psychological tests.
  • The most important requirements according to most of the agencies is that the woman should not go through the process only for financial gains, and therefore she has to be from a financially stable family.
The process of becoming a surrogate is not very complex. Once you decide that you want to become one, you can contact an agency which might do a background check, some physical and psychological tests in order to ensure that their clients know that you come from a good family, and have healthy habits.
Moreover, to get you a couple who would be like-minded about things related to the child, can only be searched for if they know the background you come from. Once they have decided on the couple that match the requirements you have, they would arrange for a meeting of both the parties.
After the meeting, they would call both the parties to know if they like each other. With the assent of both the parties, ends the initial formalities of the process.
Now a contract has to be made, wherein it is ensured that all the parties get what they expect out of the whole deal. Mostly the contract is made to ensure that the surrogate mother gets medical expenses, her insurance, and payment.
Post the contract is signed, all the procedures are followed. The woman goes through her pregnancy and delivers the baby to the client as per the contract.