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Burning Breast Pain

Burning Breast Pain

One needs to find the trigger factors of burning sensation in the breast in order to diagnose the underlying condition. A proper treatment plan can then be decided to eliminate breast pain.
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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Many women suffering from burning breast pain are under the wrong impression that they are having breast cancer. Many times, breast pain is a minor issue that stays for a temporary period. Pain can occur in either one of the breast or both, depending upon the condition that is causing breast pain.


Nerve Damage
A nerve injury that can occur during a breast implantation surgery, can cause burning breast pain. Nerve damage is known for causing burning or tingling sensation in the areola and nipples.

Costochondritis is a condition in which the tissue that joins the ribs with the breastbone, gets swollen. Women suffering from this condition often complain about sharp breast pain. Although, the pain is restricted in that specific area, it can trigger burning sensation in the breast.

Occurrence of blistering rash (shingles) on any of the breasts, can also result in sharp shooting pain and may interfere with normal sleeping patterns. Women diagnosed with shingles may have intermittent periods of breast pain throughout the day.

Hormonal Changes
When hormonal disturbances are also responsible for causing burning pain in breast, then it is referred to as cyclic pain. It is usually experienced in both the breasts and may travel down to the arms. Cyclic pain is common among younger women that aggravates before menstruation. In most cases, treatment is not necessary and vanishes after a menstrual period ends.

Common Cold
Women who get infected with cold, often experience burning sensation in one breast. Normally during cold weather, especially in winter season, mild to moderate breast pain is common among women in their 30s. Traveling in chilling conditions can also induce breast pain.

Breast Cysts
This is a common breast problem that may cause burning sensation inside the breast. Breast cysts are described as non-cancerous fluid filled lumps that can cause a mild pain. Usually, breast cysts are small and rarely cause pain. Women in the age group of 30-45, are often diagnosed with breast cysts. Pain is accompanied only when the cysts grow large. In such cases, the fluid is drained, systematically to reduce the pain.

This condition causes formation of non cancerous breast tumors in the breast. Although, these benign lumps are painless, they can bring discomfort when their size increases. A surgical procedure is then performed to remove these harmless breast tumors.

Breast Cancer
Although painful breast can be a symptom of breast cancer, burning breast pain alone cannot be a warning sign of this type of cancer. In this condition, there is development of abnormal mass that is primarily composed of cancerous cells. A noticeable change in breast size along with flaky nipple skin is an indication of breast cancer.