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Financial Help for Pregnant Women

If the need arises, financial help is available for pregnant women. Here, you will learn about the various financial grants which provide the necessary moral and emotional support needed during this sensitive time.
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018
Online Mother
Women have to go through a very hard time emotionally, physically, and mentally during pregnancy.
They might need financial security to reduce the prenatal burden, preparing and also caring for the baby. There are many financial and medical institutions that are established to organize some financial help for such women.
For many women, unplanned pregnancy also comes with a lot of financial burden. This fear leads them to make a harsh choice of terminating the pregnancy. What most women don't know is that there are many organizations that offer financial assistance to pregnant women. From prenatal care to important items required for the baby's care, all can be received.
Are you going to be a single mom? Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is one of the best places that you can seek financial aid from. This agency doesn't give you hard cash, but does more than that. It provides expecting single mothers with coupons for free food. These coupons provide you with eggs, milk, juice, cheese, and cereal.
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In addition to that, WIC will keep providing and updating you on single parent grants and financial aids in the form of food, if you are breastfeeding your child, or formula if you are bottle feeding.
Charitable Institutions
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Many charitable organizations in the US open their doors for needy pregnant women. These institutions range from local support groups to women centers. They assist with food, clothing, various baby items, and even money in some emergencies.
There are many crisis pregnancy centers which will help you by providing all the items necessary in the time of pregnancy. They also guide women who choose to put their baby for adoption.
Government Benefit Programs
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There are many government financial grants that help an expecting mother. Some offer financial assistance in the form of medical care, food coupons and shelter. Your local family court system can also lend you child support.
If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you need to contact your local social service agencies. They can do the required paperwork and help determine your eligibility for the desired government grants that are meant for single mothers.
Many adoption agencies provide financial help for pregnant women who are ready to put their babies for adoption. If you are mentally prepared to place your baby for adoption, it's important that you contact an adoption agency.
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Adoption agencies will help you with prenatal care, food, medical bills, and all the other stuff. Naturally, the laws of all adoption agencies differ according to the state they are in.
Religious Charities
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Why not ask God for help while facing an unplanned pregnancy? Many churches and religious groups in the US provide financial aid for single mothers and pregnant women. This aid may be in the form of money, clothing, food, shelter, and counseling.
You don't have to be terrified about your pregnancy. Just show the government agencies the will and confidence that you want to do something better for your child and yourself. Make sure to give detailed and correct information while applying for financial grants.