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Funny Maternity T-Shirt Ideas

Neha Joshi Apr 23, 2019
If you are looking for some funny maternity T shirt ideas, you'll surely find some great ones here. It is always nice to make some fun of the increasing belly, isn't it? Not to forget, these look great too!
Have you got bored wearing the same old over sized T-shirts with no change whatsoever? Yes, pregnancy can send your wardrobe into hibernation, specially the 7th month onwards.
Maternity wear has undergone a lot of changes since the past few decades and today, even the luxury brands will have something in store for you. If you are expecting and bored with your wardrobe already, you should try looking for some funny maternity T-shirt ideas. 
Though we have some really funny ones listed for you here, it's always nice to come up with something of your own. Deal with your size with some sense of humor and you'll suddenly see some good change in your closet. These ideas can be used with some dresses and simple tees as well. Let's check them out!

Funny Maternity T-Shirt Ideas: Tips

These ideas work better if you make T-shirts at home instead of buying them. You may not get what you are looking for at the mall. So, you shouldn't wait and make some tees at home. Buy some simple, plain, over sized shirts from the mall and start working on them!

Quotes and Sayings

Some funny quotes and sayings can make your T-shirts look very humorous immediately. You can put up these quotes and sayings either in the front of your shirts or the back. Everyone who reads them, will be in for a laugh. These quotes should be from your perspective, making fun of your size and your belly.
You can have, 'Fragile, handle with care' on the T-shirt. Some funny sayings are 'Under Construction', 'F.B.I. - Funny Baby Inside' (You can replace Funny with other adjectives too), 'I Can Grow People, what about you?' and 'Baby On Board'. These sayings are funny and will make people read them twice. You can have the sayings on either side of T-shirt also.

Baby Says...

Next, you can put up something that you feel your baby wants to say to you. By now, you must have got some hints in respect to what your baby likes and doesn't. For example, if your baby doesn't like fish, you can put up something like, 'Yes, I'm allergic to fish'. You can put this up in a dialog box that points towards your tummy.
There are many other such dialogs and sayings you can put up from the growing child's perspective. Some others are, 'I grow fast, don't I?', 'Don't Look @ Me', 'It's been 7 months and I'm still here, who doesn't need change?' and 'Yes, I was the fastest of them all'. Surely some of the best funny maternity T shirt ideas, aren't they?


Buying or stitching your clothes in different, funny patterns is always fun. Not many people can read what is written on your shirt at times. However, if you choose a pattern that has a sense of humor of its own, things get different. Ask your designer to stitch a gray shirt for you with elephant ears for sleeves.
On your belly, you can have a trunk and tusks drawn. Above this, you can write, 'I now resemble a baby elephant'. You can also stitch a brown tee with a small pouch covering your belly. On the back you can write 'Kangaroo' and in the front, you can write, 'Can Pop Out Anytime'. These will make your shirts look really hilarious.
These were some really funny maternity T-shirt ideas, weren't they? These funny maternity shirts won't only give your wardrobe the much-needed change, but will also make you look really cute. Some people say that this helps in bonding with the baby as well.
You can use some of these ideas for the dad to be as well. If you are reading this at the start of your pregnancy, you can start preparing from now itself!