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Gynecology Questions

Gynecology Questions

Women experience gynecological problems at some point or the other in their lives. The gynecologist is the best person to answer questions related to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, etc. It's comforting to hear the upsetting symptoms are normal and nothing to be worried about. Let's have a look at some generic questions, women are bound to ask during different stages in their lives.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made, with intricacies we are yet to fathom. A woman's body is designed in such a remarkable way, that it has the unique ability to bring life into the world. However, this comes at a cost, wherein she has to endure an array of physical discomforts throughout the journey of womanhood.

There are several stages that await her at every turning point in life, such as menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, each having its own problems. 

This whole journey of womanhood brings about several changes in a woman's body. While some changes are quite understandable, others can be quite disconcerting. Women have different questions that they want to ask their gynecologist, so as to understand why their body is reacting in the way it actually does.

Let's have a look at some common questions that prop up in a woman's mind at various stages of her life.
1. What is the ideal age for the onset of menses?
2. How long do periods last?
3. What are the different PMS symptoms?
4. How do I know if my PMS symptoms are normal?
5. How do I deal with painful PMS symptoms?
6. Is it normal to miss a period?
7. What could be the reason for my irregular menstruation?
8. Can stress delay my periods?
9. Why is my period late?
10. My menstrual flow is heavy and painful, what do I do?
11. What are the home remedies for painful periods?
12. Is it safe to go swimming during a period?
13. Does masturbation have an effect on periods?
14. Is spotting between periods normal?
15. How can I delay my periods?
16. Is it safe to manipulate the menstrual cycle with the help of pills?
17. Is it normal to have two periods in a month?
18. Why do I have smelly discharge after a period?
19. Is it safe to have sex while having periods?
20. Do tampons and maxi pads contain materials that are actually dangerous?
Birth Control
1. How effective is birth control?
2. What are the different birth control options available?
3. Do birth control pills have side effects?
4. Which birth control option has least side effects?
5. Can birth control pills cause weight gain?
6. Can I still become pregnant while I'm on birth control pills?
7. Will prolonged use of birth control pills affect my conception rate?
8. Are over-the-counter birth control measures effective?
9. When should I switch to another birth control option?
10. Which are the different sterilization options for women?
11. How do I get off birth control pills?
1. How can I calculate my ovulation window/fertile period?
2. When should I stop taking birth control pills?
3. Are there natural ways to increase fertility?
4. Which sex positions will help improve chances of conception?
5. How long should I wait before taking a pregnancy test?
6. Should I take prenatal vitamins?
7. Do prenatal vitamins have side effects?
8. Will high thyroid levels affect conception?
9. Will presence of fibroids affect the chances of conceiving?
10. Do STDs affect fertility?
11. Can I conceive with one ovary?
12. Do women with polycystic ovary syndrome find it difficult to get pregnant?
13. Can I have a baby in my late forties without a problem?
14. Can obesity lead to complications during pregnancy?
15. Can I have a successful pregnancy after an abortion?
1st Trimester
1. When am I due?
2. Is it normal to not have any symptoms during pregnancy?
3. How do I know if my symptoms are normal?
4. Is spotting during pregnancy a bad sign?
5. Why does implantation cramping occur?
6. How early and how often does one need to do an ultrasound?
7. Are there any safe medications for nausea and vomiting?
8. How long will morning sickness last?
9. I'm experiencing a lot of heartburn, what do I do?
10. Is it safe to continue exercising?
11. Can I continue working/driving/traveling?
12. Is it safe to consume over-the-counter drugs/painkillers?
13. What can I do to relieve constipation?
14. Which foods are prohibited during pregnancy?
15. Is it alright to consume wine/tea/coffee/chocolates/alcoholic drinks?
16. Is it alright to eat processed/packaged foods?
17. Can I lie on my stomach?
18. Is it safe to have sex?
19. When can I get my first ultrasound done?
20. Which prenatal vitamins do I need to take?
21. Is it safe to go on a holiday? 
22. When can I find out my baby's gender?
23. Can I apply cosmetics/dye my hair?
24. Can I get a dental procedure done?
25. What are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

2nd Trimester
1. When will I feel the baby move?
2. How will I know it's the baby moving inside?
3. Is my weight gain normal?
4. Is my blood pressure normal?
5. My blood pressure is on the higher side, what can I do?
6. How do I manage gestational diabetes?
7. My baby bump seems to be small, is this normal?
8. How can I prevent stretch marks?

3rd Trimester
1. Is it normal to feel breathless?
2. How do I reduce the swelling in my legs?
3. Is my baby's weight normal?
4. When do I need to take the vaccinations?
5. How do I ease the itching on my bump?
6. Can I travel by air?
7. Is it alright to get a massage?
8. How do I know I'm in labor?
9. What does a contraction feel like?
10. How high are the chances of a normal delivery?
11. What do I need to know about labor pain?
12. How soon will I be able to breastfeed after giving birth?
13. How effective is a prenatal massage?
14. Is premature delivery hereditary?
15. How effective is hypnobirthing?
16. Is it safe to induce labor at home?
17. What are the long-term complications of a C-section?
18. Who is likely to undergo postpartum depression?
1. For how long will lochia last?
2. How do I know if my lochia is abnormal?
3. How long will it take for my menses to regularize after giving birth?
4. Does breastfeeding help lose weight?
5. Can one get pregnant while breastfeeding?
6. How long will I take to recover from an episiotomy? 
7. When is sex safe after delivery?
8. Is it normal to experience low-sex drive after giving birth?
9. My stitches hurt sometimes, is this normal?
10. My memory is not as good as before, is this normal?
11. When can I begin exercising after a C-section?
12. How long must i wait before having another baby after a C-section?
1. What does a chemical pregnancy mean?
2. Why did my pregnancy end in a miscarriage?
3. What are the signs of a miscarriage?
4. Can stress lead to a miscarriage?
5. How long do I have to wait before I try to conceive again?
6. What are the chances I will miscarry again?
7. How do I make sure the pregnancy doesn't end in a miscarriage again?
8. Will multiple miscarriage reduce my chances of conception?
9. Are older women more prone to miscarriages?
10. How long will I continue to bleed after a miscarriage?
11. Are there chances of internal complications after a miscarriage?
12. How long will it take me to begin ovulating normally after a miscarriage?
1. Is the surgical type of abortion better than the medical type?
2. Will the process of abortion hurt?
3. When can I be discharged after the procedure?
4. How long do I need to rest after an abortion?
5. Will I be able to conceive after an abortion?
6. Will abortion have any harmful effects on my body?
7. How long should I refrain from sex after an abortion?
Sexual Health
1. Why does it hurt when I have sex?
2. How can I improve my sex life?
3. Why does my vaginal area itch after sex?
4. What is the most common cause of sex problems among women?
5. Should I be tested for STDs?
6. What are the common signs and symptoms of contracting STDs?
7. Where can one go if they have concerns about sexual health?
8. What is the cause of loss of sexual desire in women?
9. Who are likely to suffer from female sexual dysfunction?
10. Is female sexual dysfunction a physical or psychological problem?
11. Why is my vaginal area so dry?
12. What are some of the short-term and long-term effects of smoking on women's sexual health?
1. What should I expect during menopause?
2. What is perimenopause?
3. When will the hot flashes stop?
4. Why do I feel depressed?
5. How can I control menopause symptoms?
6. Will hormone replacement therapy be useful?
7. Should I make diet/lifestyle changes?
8. What's the age range for menopause?
9. Am I eligible for menopause at this age?
10. Will menopause affect my health in the long run?
11. How can I get my sex drive back?
General Health
1. What's the difference between vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, and a urinary tract infection?
2. Why do I have a bump in my vaginal area?
3. What is a pap smear test?
4. When should women get a pap smear test done?
5. How often should women get pap smear tests done?
6. How can lumps in breasts be cured?
7. What is incontinence and how prevalent is it?
8. Are there any types and causes of incontinence?
9. I want to know about pelvic floor disorders?
10. What are the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse?
11. I have ammonia smelling discharge, what does this mean?
12. What are the causes of yeast infections, and how can they be prevented?
There is no limit to the number of questions women can ask a gynecologist. The questions will vary with the type of problems one is facing. It's better to clarify the doubts and questions as soon as possible, to reduce the stress and confusion associated with the problem. All the best!