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Home Remedies for Bladder Infection in Women

Bladder infection is a condition more commonly seen in women as compared to men. There are some home remedies to treat bladder infection in women, which can easily be used for treating the condition.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Aug 21, 2018
A bladder infection is commonly known as urinary tract infection, acronym of which is UTI. In this infection, the kidneys, bladder, ureter, etc. are affected. Like we previously mentioned women are more susceptible to the condition, because women have shorter urinary tracts as compared to men.
Some of the common symptoms of bladder infection in women are burning sensation or sharp pain during urination, pain during and after intercourse. Some women may also suffer from urgent urge to urinate, but will pass only a small amount of urine. The other symptoms include foul-smelling urine, blood tinged urine, etc.
The main cause of this condition is bacteria. There are two main ways the bacteria makes its way to the bladder, namely poor hygiene and sexual intercourse. Bladder infections are the second most common reason for people seeking medical help every year. The home remedies for bladder infection in women often prove to be helpful in treating the condition.
Bladder Infection Remedies for Women
When the symptoms of bladder infections are seen, measures should be taken to control the condition. If the condition is not controlled, the infection may spread to the kidneys, which may further have severe complications. The home remedies for treating bladder infection in women are:
Baking Soda
This is the simplest of the home remedies. Add about 1 teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Stir so that the soda dissolves. Drink the soda water immediately. Soda helps in neutralizing the acidity in urine, which helps in speeding up the recovery process. This remedy can be used even twice a day, if the symptoms are severe.
Fresh Cranberries
Cranberry has been used for treating bladder infections for a very long time. It is one of the bladder infection remedies during pregnancy as well. Drinking cranberry juice will make the urine more acidic and helps in getting rid of the bacteria from the urinary tract.
However, it is important that one opts to drink only the unsweetened cranberry juice. It is also recommended, that one dilutes cranberry juice before drinking, as it has high acid content.
Uva Ursi
This is one of the folk remedies for treating urinary tract infection. It is known to have antiseptic properties. This herb is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Similarly it should not be given to children either. It is important to have the herb in limited quantities, as it has its own side effects.
Drinking small sips of water at regular intervals is recommended in the treatment of bladder infection. If you cannot drink small quantities of water, then a glass of water should be consumed after every one hour. Drinking a lot of water increases urine flow, which in turn helps to get rid of the bacteria.
Drumstick Flower
One of the tropical remedies for bladder infection is drumstick flower. Extract juice from fresh drumstick flowers and combine with half a glass of coconut water. This remedy has to be consumed at least twice a day for relief from bladder infection.
One of the simplest of the home remedies is spinach juice. However, it is important to extract fresh spinach juice for the same and also use fresh coconut water. Combine spinach juice with coconut water in equal quantities.
The nitrates and potassium in coconut water and spinach are an effective and safe diuretic, which helps in treating the condition. It is best to use this remedy twice a day once in the morning on waking up and once before going to bed.
Consuming yogurt proves to be beneficial in the treatment of urinary tract infection. It is best to dilute yogurt in water and consume it, although yogurt can also be had as it is. It is best to include yogurt in both the meals to see the effects of the remedy.
Citrus Fruits
Sudachi Soba
Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which proves to be helpful in treating the condition. One can also choose to have juices made from citrus fruits. Drinking water combined with lemon juice is also an effective remedy for bladder infection.
These were some of the home remedies to treat bladder infection in women. It is best to consult a health care professional, rather than self treat yourself. Along with these remedies, it is best to stay from processed food, as they often tend to aggravate the condition.
Spicy food, caffeine, alcohol, aerated drinks, etc. should also be avoided. Similarly artificial sweeteners should also be avoided, as they are known to aggravate the condition.