Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

Homemade pregnancy test with a toothpaste is highly unreliable and a complete hoax. If you are still interested in knowing how to make it, read on!
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Internet is full of stories and advice regarding pregnancy and pregnancy tests. Needless to say, one can come across plenty of old wives tales and some absolutely funny material online! Gender testing with the help of Drano, homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste are some of the popular searches concerned with detection of pregnancy.
You might wonder why people just don't walk across the street and buy a pregnancy test kit which is available for less than a dollar. Most people looking for recipes of homemade pregnancy test are desperate teenage girls who cannot test for themselves for the fear of getting caught by their parents. As a result, poor girls resort to such desperate measures.
Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste
Homemade tests are completely unreliable and lack a scientific explanation. Here you have to mix a spoonful of toothpaste in your urine sample and then wait for the results. If there is a change in color or if the solution turns frothy you could be pregnant! Now really, the solution is bound to turn frothy even if you mix clear drinking water with it.
There are some other recipes for DIY pregnancy kits as well which include mixing bleach with urine sample and checking for fizzle or mixing pine sol and urine sample and waiting for a color change. All of these tests are absolutely unreliable and may misguide you.
You may not be pregnant but think you are, when the solution changes color or whatever! Worse, you may be actually pregnant, yet blissfully ignorant if the solution doesn't change color. You can imagine the amount of risk you are getting yourself into. When it comes to something as important as a pregnancy, one should never rely on such tests.
If you are a sexually active teen dreading a pregnancy, you should really handle this matter very carefully. First of all don't panic and just wait for your periods to arrive. If you do not get your periods for 2 weeks after due date, you should brace yourself and buy a pregnancy test kit. This is a very tiny device which can even fit in your jeans pocket.
The test is very simple and gives accurate results if you follow instructions on the packet to the word. The test can be performed in the privacy of your home or your school washroom or your friend's home, in case you wish to hide it from your parents. Even if the test comes out negative, you might want to be very careful in the future.
In case it comes out positive, you should immediately talk to your mother or a responsible adult. Remember, pregnancy and raising a kid is not a child's play. You need to be completely aware of the challenges that lie ahead. This phase can be handled only if you are truthful with your parents.
Why to Rely on Pregnancy Test Kits
Pregnancy test kits are commercially formulated devices which look for a hormone named hCG in your urine. hCG is found only in pregnant women, hence its presence is often indicative of a pregnancy. Most kits can detect hCG levels as low as 20mIU/ml. However, a blood test is the most reliable one and detects hormone level as low as 5 mIU/ml.
A pregnancy test can be taken on the same day as your impending period or anytime after that. Another reason that might encourage you to get a test kit is its price. You can buy these test kits for as little as $1 from the various brands available. Most of these brands are similar in their sensitivity and accuracy.
Now that you know a certain facts about pregnancy test, you should indeed steer clear of anything as ridiculous as a pregnancy test using toothpaste. Instead, buy yourself a test kit and save a lot of anxiety and disappointment.