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How to Deal With Dizziness

Bidisha Mukherjee Apr 17, 2019
Dizziness is such an uncomfortable feeling that you find it difficult to move around freely. We will help you learn how to deal with dizziness. Read on...
Dizziness is a sudden spinning sensation that makes you feel that you will lose your body balance and fall down. This kind of lightheadedness is mostly accompanied by nausea, blurred vision, numbness, tingling, etc. Most of us have experienced it at least once. However, there are some people who get frequent spells of dizziness.
It can be triggered by vertigo. This condition arises when the inner part of the ear that controls the balance mechanism of the body gets affected by infection, tumor growth or nerve problem.
High blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart disease, neuromuscular problems, aging, side effect of medicines are few of the other underlying causes. Occasional spells of dizziness is absolutely normal during pregnancy.

How to Deal with Dizziness

Those who are recovering from some serious illnesses often feel dizzy because of general weakness. Even elderly people feel it for the same reason. Some effective remedies that can be helpful for tackling dizziness are discussed here:
Remedy #1: As soon as you feel dizzy, you must try to lie down on a flat surface in order to ensure that you do not fall down. This will also relax your entire body and help you regain balance after some time. If you have vertigo, then roll your body from side to side on a flat surface for instant relief.
Remedy #2: Keep your body movements slow. Rapid change in posture such as standing up or turning the head often leads to sudden drop in the blood pressure which in turn may make you feel dizzy. So, you must move around slowly.
Remedy #3: Soon after a bout of severe dizziness, you should drink one full glass of icy cold water. This will control the whirling sensation really well and will also keep you hydrated.
Remedy #4: When dizziness and nausea come together, a glass of water with the juice of a lemon added serves as an excellent remedy. To add some more flavor to the drink, mix a pinch of salt and black pepper to it.
Remedy #5: Eat healthy, nutritious foods. Many a time, the real cause of dizziness is underlying weakness, the foods in your daily diet must meet the nutritional requirements of your body.
Fresh fruits such as strawberry and gooseberry, and yogurt can help you deal with dizziness. If you are recovering from any ailment, you must stick to the diet plan recommended by your physician.
Remedy #6: Some safety measures has to be taken at home to prevent bad fall during a dizzy spell. You should use cane to add stability to your movements. Use flat non-slip shoes to prevent slipping.
Carpets and area rugs on the floors should be secured with tape so that you do not trip over them. Wet floor areas like bathroom should be made slip resistant with the help of nonslip mats.

How to Deal with Dizziness During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women experience dizziness only during the first trimester as their circulation system undergoes rapid expansion. Others may feel dizzy once in a while throughout the pregnancy. If you have the same kind of experience, here are a few helpful tips that will help you deal with dizziness:
Tip #1: Most women complain about dizziness soon after getting up from the bed in the morning. This is because you try to move up from the lying position very quickly. While rising up, you should hold on to some firm object around the bed and rise slowly to avoid dizziness.
Tip #2: Avoid resting on the back during second and third trimester. When you do so, the entire weight of the baby falls upon the vena cava, the vein that carries blood from legs to the heart.
As it fails to transport enough blood to the heart due to the additional pressure, it may lead to sudden drop in blood pressure that causes dizziness. Therefore, you should always rest on any one side and not on the back.
Tip #3: You should have healthy snacks from time to time. When you have an empty stomach, the chances of dizziness is quite high as the blood sugar level tends to go down.
You should also keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids as dehydration can trigger dizzy feeling.
Tip #4: Too much physical exertion or mental stress can also contribute towards dizziness during pregnancy. In that case, you must suspend all activities and lie down on your left side. Then start taking slow, deep breaths and relax yourself. Keep yourself stress free.
Tip #5: If you spend some time in a hot and stuffy environment like a crowded bus or a stuffy kitchen, it is likely to feel dizzy all of a sudden. Try to stay away from such places where you cannot get enough fresh air. Soon after exposure to such environment, you must cool down by taking a cold shower or getting into a cool room.
Severe dizziness can be a sign of serious health issues. A doctor needs to be consulted. He will ascertain the underlying cause and treat it accordingly. Even pregnant women feel dizzy persistently must report it to their doctor. It may be because of anemia that requires proper treatment with iron supplements and proper diet that consists of iron rich foods.