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How to Get Your Period Early

Want to Get Your Periods Early But Don't Know How? 6 Tips for You

Want to enjoy a vacation or wedding without having to worry about menstrual cramps? Then, know how to get your period early, naturally and safely from this article.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Menstrual period is a sign of fertility and is a preparation of the body for giving birth to a baby. Though it is such a wonderful gift of nature, at times it is painful and sometimes very difficult to handle. Menstrual cramps can be so painful that they start affecting the social life of a woman. A menstrual cycle is usually of 25 days and roughly begins on the same date every month. This may have some positive as well as negative aspects. Positive is that you can predict your menstrual period date and negative is that the date may clash with some of your important engagements which cannot be avoided. So to help you with this we have some tips on how to get your periods early. Yes, it is possible if you take proper care and precautions.
Ways to Start Your Period Early
Usually a menstrual cycle is of 25 days but your periods may fluctuate between 23 to 35 days. This is a very normal phenomenon. You may observe that the date on which you got your period this month will be mostly 5 days earlier than the last month. It may not necessarily be the case with all women. Well, the main thing is that to start your period early you need to have an idea about your period's date and the pattern your body follows in case of menstrual cycle. If you have knowledge of it then you will not face many problems in following the tips given below on how to start your period early. Have a look.
  • Birth control pills are considered to be very effective in getting periods early. This is because they increase the estrogen levels in the woman's body which results in early menstrual period. But these should be taken at the right time to get it early. You can consult your doctor about the right time to take these pills.
  • Try to associate with your friends who have their menstrual dates which are convenient and earlier than your date. It has been found that many friends and coworkers get their periods at the same time. This point may seem to be very silly but it actually works. The reason is not known but you can use this simple way and can have your dates early.
  • Stress can result in delayed periods. It results in hormonal imbalance and overall fluctuation of other functions of the body. This directly affects the menstrual cycle and results in late periods. Hence, to get them early you need to be stress-free and happy.
  • Eating foods which can increase body heat can be very helpful in inducing period early. Spicy food can also be helpful. Mango, papaya, pineapple, parsley tea, etc. are some of the natural ways to induce period. But remember that it is important to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Ginger tea is considered to be very effective in getting periods early as it increases the temperature of the body. You can also have it raw or in the form of powder.
  • Regular exercise is very necessary to maintain proper health. It helps in the metabolism and maintains balance of hormone which increases the possibility of having periods early.
All the methods given above can be very effective if you keep an eye on the dates of your previous month's period. The methods can be helpful but it is not necessary that you will get the desired result. It may or may not work for all but can be effective if properly followed. So, enjoy your parties and vacations without the tension of painful cramps and discomfort.
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