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How to Postpone Menstrual Cycle

How to Postpone Menstrual Cycle

Is it possible to postpone a menstrual cycle without having to face any dire side effects? Are there any sure shot, safe measures to delay menstruation naturally? Let's find out.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017
Having regular menstruation pattern is a blessing. It relieves you of the tension of early, late or missed periods. A regular pattern means your body is ovulating properly. However, there are times when you would just wish you could postpone the menstrual cycle by just a few days. It may be because you have planned to go on a vacation to the beach or a trek, etc. and do not want your menstrual flow to act like a wet blanket on your vacation plans! Moreover, women involved in strenuous sport activities will also require to postpone their periods once in a while.

How to Delay Your Period Naturally

A woman's body after puberty begins to release one egg a month from the reservoir called follicle in the ovaries. When the egg goes unfertilized, the uterus sheds off cells, which conduces to menstrual flow. This release of egg, followed by monthly bleeding takes a regular course, unless certain factors like stress, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, etc. have triggered their irregularity.

There are no known home remedies to delay menstrual period naturally. There are some concoctions that are said to delay it, however, their effectiveness has not been scientifically proved, thus, we do not know anything about the side effects that these remedies entail. Since half truth is lethal, it is important to refrain from resorting to such measures in order to postpone the menstrual cycle.

There are certain myths floating around in several regions, where people believe that abstaining from spicy foods (even ginger, pepper, garlic, etc.) will advance the onset of menstruation. They believe that by eating a spice free diet, the menstrual cycle can be forced to occur two weeks before the actual due date. However, the reliability of this fact is still unknown.

Methods like starving oneself, getting oneself consciously fatigued, etc. are unhealthy ways of delaying one's period and should not be even considered. These methods will have negative effects on one's body. Then how can one delay one's monthly period in the safest manner possible. The answer is oral contraceptive pills.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

Women on contraceptive pills should simply start the next pack or course of contraceptive pills without taking the usual 7 day break. This means that begin taking the second pack as soon as you have finished with the first pack. Contraceptive pills contain hormones, which prevent the uterus from shedding its lining. Once the pill is stopped, the hormone level will fall and you will bleed. Back-to-back course of contraceptive pills, if done occasionally, is a safe way of delaying period. However, it is important to not have more than two packs back-to-back.

However, women who are not on contraceptive pills are usually prescribed 5 mg Norethisterone tablets. The woman is asked to take these tablets thrice a day, beginning from 3-4 days before the scheduled onset of the menstrual cycle. The pills have to be taken until one is ready to have the period. On stopping the pill intake, the hormone level in the body will drop and within the next 2-3 days, menstrual flow will take place. Although these pills are safe, some women experience side effects like stomach upsets, low sexual drive, bloating and breast discomfort.

Postponing menstrual cycle should not become a common practice. Do not delay it because it accompanies a lot of pain, discomfort and restlessness. It's the way our bodies have been designed and hampering the regular process entails several risks. Thus, as far as possible, avoid undertaking measures to postpone your menstrual cycle. However, if you really want to delay it, then make sure you consult your gynecologist before undertaking any measure.