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Ilado Necklaces Create Mother Baby Bonding Before and After Birth

Katie Rose Cronin Sep 27, 2019
No one can deny the bond between a mother and a child. Ilado maternity jewelry strives to strengthen the ever so special connection, by reviving the ancestral Mayan tradition of bell maternity necklaces as a meaningful jewelry piece for today’s mothers.

Unique Handmade Pieces Made of Finest Material

The soft chime, a source of peace, serenity helps mothers-to-be to bond with the baby during pregnancy and after birth. The delicate notes soothe the newborn with its melody.
When rolled gently, it emits a soothing crystalline sound. It was nicknamed "Angel Caller" as according to legend, it has the power to summon a guardian angel. In Mayan culture, maternity necklace was offered to future mothers as a good luck charm. Now doesn’t that sound like something everyone from your audience would love to experience?

Benefit #1: Relaxation for the Mothers-to-Be

During pregnancy, a woman's lifestyle and state of mind will directly affect the baby. But it is can be difficult to adopt a calmer pace, especially if the pregnancy is hard on their bodies. The soft vibrations of the maternity necklace can lead to a state of well-being and an overall calm.

Benefit #2: Baby Gets More Responsive to Familiar Sounds

The abdominal wall filters out and muffles high pitched sounds. However, the baby can hear low-frequency sounds like deep voices or low notes, like the ones from Ilado necklaces.

Benefit #3: Reassure The Newborn

It is proven that newborns recognize certain sounds they had heard while in the womb. Place the chiming pendant securely inside the plush, Ilado lovey. Its soft melody will give the baby a feeling of security and coziness inside the womb, and help them adapt more easily to the outside world.

Ilado Is the First Maternity Jewelry Brand!

They offer a unique collection of maternity bell necklaces designed to bond the baby and the mother. A meaningful jewelry piece and the most special and unique gift for today’s mums-to-be! Visit Ilado-store.com for more information & styles.