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Keeping Your Back Straight After Giving Birth

regina davies Apr 4, 2019
In desperation to return back to normal after childbirth, some women may erroneously get involved in things that could possibly cause more harm than good to their bodies. This piece is written for you to avoid damaging measures of and to also help you get your body back in good shape.


Conception is a thing of joy (based on the agreement of parties involved). It entails a change of a number of things, including diet, dresses, sleeping posture, types of activities done, among others.

Also, it is no news that the body undergoes its own series of changes as a result of conception.


An increased body weight is a very common change that occurs, also a change in body posture is also very likely to occur as the body is responding to the additional weight at the abdominal area, as well as a tilt in the initial straight form of the back.

After child birth, a good number of people do not like their new shapes and postures.

Getting back in shape the right way

In desperation to return back to normal, some women may get involved in things that could possibly cause more harm than good to their bodies.

Therefore, this piece is written for you to avoid damaging measures of and to also help you get your body back in good shape. It is written to enlighten you on how to get your back straight after giving birth.

How can you do this?

Pregnancy surely alters the shape of your back making it not as straight as it is supposed to be. However getting the desired straightness is not something overly difficult.

There are things to be done in achieving this, ranging from exercises to equipment, among others.

Postpartum girdle

A postpartum girdle has proven to be a very veritable equipment in making backs straight after childbirth. It is efficient in that it is instrumental in reducing the weight on the back and the legs.

It's not only restricted to reducing the weight on the back and legs, it also helps with the support it provides when breastfeeding.

Fixing posture

The postpartum girdle is also efficient in speeding up the healing process especially when childbirth is achieved through surgery. It helps with posture and reduces pain at the lower region of the back, with the support it gives.

Apart from that, it also helps to boost your confidence and comfort. By fixing the posture, confidence is induced.


The place of exercise in returning to shape after giving birth can not be overemphasized. Exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles and prevent bad posture and backaches.

You can straighten your back by bending as well as lifting consistently for sometime. This helps as muscles bent overtime tend to get straightened.


Pelvic tilting and pelvic bracing are also very important because they help to shorten abdominal muscles, coupled with discouraging any kind of separation, as well as making the muscles of the back shield your spine from pain and discomfort, respectively.

Help your spine

It is also important to bring about your good posture back by standing tall and sitting on a chair, rather than on a bed to breastfeed your baby.

Other activities that could improve your posture include swimming, leg slides, shoulder bridges, shoulder squeezes, the list goes on and on. They are all efficient in taking your body to it's initial state.

Sleeping posture matters!

Finally, it's not strange to be worried about the best sleeping posture to adopt after giving birth. It is good to have a slightly elevated upper region while you are asleep.

You can achieve this by using a couple of pillows. It is not advisable to sleep on your belly. Sleeping with the back with an elevated upper body is very efficient.

The postpartum stage

It's not that difficult as long as you do the right thing and use the right equipment. You don't have to wait till you give birth before you start to exercise.

You can always do some light exercises to keep you in shape to an extent, even as you continue after childbirth. With this, you are sure to get that body shape back with the confidence it brings.