Lightheadedness During Periods

Lightheadedness during periods is experienced by women due to plenty of factors. We have provided you the most common causes associated with it in this article. The treatment for lightheadedness is to be decided by your doctor and complete recovery is quite possible.
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
A woman during her periods, experiences various changes in her health, that range from mild to severe. Feeling dizzy and nauseous are quite common before and during periods. The discomfort results from hormonal imbalances taking place within the body during this phase. Lightheadedness is also a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, that tends to exist even while periods are going on. What does lightheadedness exactly feel like and what are the causes associated with it? We explain you the details over here.
Lightheadedness During Periods: An Overview
You feel dizzy after waking up in the morning or you might experience it any time of the day. You tend to lose your appetite, that makes you feel weak. All these conditions have a direct effect on your brain and head, as your entire body feels light. This usually happens because there's a substantial variation in hormones, viz. progesterone and estrogen during the menstrual cycle. You can also have vomiting along with lightheadedness. Experiencing such symptoms once or twice is not a cause of concern. However, you must report to your doctor if you notice the same signs every time during your periods.
Women who have very low pulse rate or low blood pressure mostly suffer from lightheadedness while undergoing periods. When blood pressure levels fall below normal, then there's a shortage of blood supply to the brain. As a result of which, you feel drained of oxygen and your head becomes light. Fluctuations in blood pressure, causing dizziness also happens while suffering from thyroid gland disorders. Those who have heart problems and are under the dosage of hypertension medication for a long time might also suffer from a similar condition. Lightheadedness causes are also associated with side effects of contraceptive pills that you might be taking regularly. Similar symptoms, like nausea, vomiting and dizziness become prominent as a result of this.
Those who have been diagnosed with anemia also suffer from extreme dizziness during periods. A woman deficient in iron will have very less hemoglobin count, that would make her weak. One can momentarily face blackout due to lack of oxygen caused by low hemoglobin. There could be signs like blurred vision and vertigo. Deficiency of iron in body is one of the common health disorders that women face mostly in their 30s. Thus, you should get your hemoglobin level checked if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.
Women who have a history of vertigo are bound to experience lightheadedness during their periods. Vertigo is itself a condition, where you perceive your body and head is in constant motion while resting, sitting or lying down. Malfunctioning of the vestibular system of the inner ear is the main reason behind vertigo, that can give rise to similar symptoms. Your head feels light and you experience a state of being in constant motion. The treatment of vertigo depends on its stage and the symptoms associated with it. In most cases, lightheadedness occur when women have irregular periods and have severe cramping due to health disorders, like polycystic ovarian syndrome or tumors in the uterus.
Thus, you can see that the reasons vary according to your health status. No matter how minor the symptom is, you should get yourself diagnosed from an experienced gynecologist. Although the treatment is based absolutely on the underlying cause, you can take care of your health by improvising your eating habits and lifestyle too. Drink plenty of water during this important phase, to keep your system hydrated and make sure that you are eating healthy and nutritious food.