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Low Blood Sugar Levels During Pregnancy

Low Blood Sugar Levels During Pregnancy

Suffering from low blood sugar levels during pregnancy is not a serious problem but definitely a reason to worry about. The upcoming article elucidates the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this condition.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017
Pregnancy is often accompanied by various discomforting conditions and one of them is low blood sugar levels. It can affect anyone in general, but could be a matter of concern for a pregnant woman. There is a high probability that the baby's health may get affected if such a condition prevails. It can result in the delivery of a weak and underweight baby.


• Erratic eating habits are a primary cause for this condition. Giving long gaps between meals and an improper diet schedule can cause the glucose levels to drop drastically. One should remember that a pregnant lady requires a healthy and heavy diet to nourish the growing baby. A healthy baby can be delivered only after it gets the right food at the right time.

• Another reason could be hardcore exercises. Too much fatigue, stress, and hard work is not advisable during pregnancy, therefore, pregnancy exercises should be limited.

• One of the most common causes of this problem is excessive administration of insulin when suffering from high blood sugar levels, hyperglycemia, or gestational diabetes. Insulin breaks down the glucose and deprives the body of energy leading to the symptoms of low blood sugar.


Enlisted below are a few symptoms:

The urge for food or hunger causes a pregnant female to tremble and shake (generally her hands), which is one of the main symptoms of a hypoglycemic reaction.

It often happens that lack of blood supply to the brain and heart during pregnancy leads to weakness, dizziness, confusion, and thus lightheadedness.

Anxiety is a common major symptom observed during pregnancy. It is caused mainly due to irritation, hormonal changes, nervousness, and possibly due to low blood sugar levels.

Excessive exertion makes a pregnant female feel very weak and tired, since the energy requirements of the body are not fulfilled.

Insomnia or lack of sleep is another symptom noticed. This condition is often accompanied by excessive sweating and high bouts of depression.

Other symptoms
Paleness, rapid heartbeat, agitation, lack of concentration, blurred vision, temporary loss of consciousness, and convulsions.

Diagnosis (Glucose Tolerance Test)

• Hypoglycemia isn't a fatal condition if monitored properly. In a woman suffering from high blood glucose levels, the baby produces more insulin to control the increased sugar levels.

• This could significantly lead to low sugar levels in the baby, since the body would become accustomed to producing excessive insulin.

• A test showing glucose levels during pregnancy can be a sure shot way of monitoring the sugar levels. A low blood sugar level chart will help in diagnosing the condition immediately.


• Whenever you feel dizzy or lightheaded, just lie down on the floor so that you do not end up hurting yourself. It's advisable to lie down on the left side, since it facilitates more blood supply to the brain and heart.

• If you are unable to move, you could simply rest your head on the knees.

• If you are doing some activity say driving, stop immediately.

• Whenever you feel weak, have a glass of milk or fruit juice or consume high-sugar foods at the earliest.

• Eat properly even if you are worried about your shape. You could indulge in chocolate bars as well.

• Testing blood glucose levels is a prerequisite, since it'll keep you informed about your health status.


Hypoglycemia in pregnant women is not associated with any complications as such, but if one suffers from diabetes, then utmost care must be taken. This is because it could result in several complications both for the baby and mother during the delivery. High blood sugar levels pose a huge risk in such a case.

So, now you must be well-acquainted with what to do if you suffer from hypoglycemic reactions while carrying a baby. The main aim is to maintain a normal blood sugar range. If it is too high or too low, it is a cause of alarm.

Disclaimer: This HerHaleness article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.