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Mammogram Cost

Mammogram Cost

A mammogram helps diagnose and prevent any complications in your breast. The article below elaborates on the cost of a mammogram.
Stephen Rampur
There are many women in the world suffering from breast cancer. This disease can be avoided if proper precautions are taken in the early stages. For diagnosing irregularities in a woman's breasts, there is a procedure known as mammography, which is also referred to as a mammogram examination. It is suggested that women from age 20 should think of undergoing mammography every three years, and once a year after they reach age 40. Mammography is a medical procedure that is crucial for diagnosing breast cancer or other breast complications at an early stage. It is the examination of breasts using X-rays. In the procedure, the medical professional sets the breast in between two plastic plates. The plates then compress the breast tissues and get an X-ray. It only requires around 20 minutes to get this procedure done.

How much does a Mammogram Cost?

The primary determinants of mammogram prices are the state, city, and facility of treatment and health insurance. In general, mammogram costs start from USD 250. Health insurance also plays a vital role when it comes to the costs. A majority of the states now require health insurance agencies to cover all or partial expenses of the treatment, especially for women above the age of 40.

In order to get the full benefits, discuss the contents and specifications of your health insurance policy with the service provider. If you are not covered by any health insurance policy, you will need to bear expenses ranging from USD 100 to USD 150. However, some may have to pay more as per the location of the treatment. In some health insurance plans, you are expected to pay a co-pay, which falls somewhere between USD 20 to USD 50.

On the other hand, some policies do not demand money to be paid out of your own pocket. Along with a mammography test, you may also be suggested to undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) every year if you are at a high risk of contracting breast complications. This may add up to the cost considerably. In case any complication is found in your breasts, there are some additional tests to be carried out, which may contribute to the overall costs.

For women aged 40 or above, Medicare will handle 80% of the screening costs every year. The government has set beneficial rules and regulations on insurance companies to cover up all or some of the expenses incurred from the procedure. October is considered as the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, there are many hospitals and medical care facilities who offer discounts during this month that you can avail of.

Another alternative to mammography is a clinical breast examination, which is more inexpensive. However, it is better that this examination is followed through a mammography. After reading the above article, you might have understood that spending a few dollars in a mammogram cost at an early stage is certainly beneficial for preventing the chances of breast complications in the future.