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Marital Problems During Pregnancy

Marital Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is sure a boon for the family. It however, brings in many problems for the man and wife. Want to know how to be happy in this blessed state? Keep reading ...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Although pregnancy is said to bring a man and a woman closer, there are common instances when they face certain issues. These issues can be due to a lot of reasons like mental stress, unstable hormones, lack of intimacy, or constant mood swings. It is not that relationship issues are something new in a couple's life, but facing problems during pregnancy can actually take an ugly turn and result into something disastrous. Even the best of couples drift apart due to various issues that emerge during pregnancy. The mother's raging hormones can suddenly cause her to become over emotional, over possessive, over critical, frustrated, and sad; she can get angry about the smallest of things.

Prenatal Depression
Hormonal changes may not only make the expectant mother cranky, but also depressed and lonely. It is normal for the man to feel helpless. The feeling of frustration caves in as the male cannot do anything to make her feel alright. He is unable to understand the reason behind all this negative attitude and avoids conversations with her, ruining the situation more.

Self Criticism
As the baby bump shows, women become more and more self-critical. She may not be happy with the way her stomach looks, she may not like her appearance, or she may think she's now ugly and fat. Most women don't even allow their partners to be intimate with them; they just don't want any physical contact ... not even a hug. To make matters worse, sometimes, men also refrain from sexual contact as they think that it could harm the unborn child. Women find this gesture very hurtful; they feel that their partner is no more interested in them.

Hogging the Limelight
The father often feels aloof because everyone is busy congratulating the woman for being pregnant. Nobody considers wishing him and he starts thinking that he had nothing to with it. He tries to be distant and tries to avoid going to any social gatherings with his partner. This behavior can also cause lots of issues between the man and wife.

Being a One-sided Relationship
If your wife or girlfriend is expecting, then be ready to hear, "You don't know what it feels like" and "It is me who is doing all the hard work." Most men will hear these statements at least once in 9 months. Ladies be careful, this statement is very hurtful and can make him wild. In response, there will be more statements, eventually leading to more fights.

Planning the Finances
Before you even start planning for a kid, make sure you can afford one. A kid brings a lot of happiness, but also many expenses.

Solving Your Marital Problems

To make sure that those nine crucial months go well and the mother doesn't suffer from any stress, here are some ways by which marital issues can be solved.
  • Men should understand that their partner is not going to be happy always. Though being a mother is the best feeling in the world, this experience also comes with a lot of emotional stress. She can cry, laugh, or get angry for little reasons. You have to handle that maturely.
  • Talk to her as much as you can. Even if you have had a fight, it is healthy to talk to each other and solve all the confusion. In this case, a man has to be more emotionally stable and take the first step.
  • Compliment her as much as you can; tell her she is beautiful. Make her feel special. Do crazy things for her, take her for romantic walks, and show your love by holding her hand.
  • As far as intimacy and sexual contact is concerned, ask your doctor which sexual positions are safe for the mother and the child.
  • Ladies, make sure you involve your partner in every decision you take about the child. Fathers need to feel that they are still considered important when it comes to the child. Take him to the doctor's every appointment and make him a part of everything you do.
Remember, it is necessary to share everything during this time. It is necessary that you share your happiness, fear, insecurities, problems, and feelings.