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A Complete Guide to Massage for Pregnant Women

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 18, 2018
If you follow the right massage techniques, it definitely gives you some benefits. Read on to know the details of massage for pregnant women.
During pregnancy, it's very natural for your body to experience unusual things. Your mornings might start with lethargy, griping you all through the day. Tiredness and lack of energy can let you feel drained and sluggish. You might also feel drowsy and sleepy most of the time.
Slow body movements and lack of sufficient activities can lead to swelling in feet and body ache. During this period, you need some special body massages that can instantly rejuvenate you.


  • A good massage relieves you from anxiety and depression caused due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.
  • It alleviates your body from discomforts, like stiffness, swelling, tightness, tension, and cramping.
  • It increases blood circulation and oxygen supply. This implies greater vitality for mother and better nourishment for baby.
  • A proper therapy eliminates waste products from the body and prevents fluid retention in the body.
  • It eases labor pain and improves the outcome of labor by making the muscles flexible.
  • It soothes and relaxes nervous tension, improves sleep, and makes you strong physically to bear the responsibilities of motherhood.
  • It makes you energetic and joyous. It lets you feel happy and rejuvenated.

A Complete Guide

Before starting the therapy, you must know which parts should undergo massage and proper positioning of your body so that no harm is done to you and your baby. The following content shall give you all details. You can either ask your partner to do these, or you can go to spas.


Remember that this procedure is very different from the traditional one. Lying down on belly is out of question. So, there are special postures that can give you and your child maximum comfort. While massaging the abdomen, you can lie on your back during the first few months of your pregnancy. Put a soft pillow below your knees for support.
With passing months, your baby grows and so does the size of your stomach. You might feel uncomfortable to lie down on your back. So take a semi-sitting position, supported with pillows at back. The other position is to lie downside wise and let your abdomen fall from side.
For the back, you can lie down side-wise, or remain in a sitting position. The most comfortable posture is sitting on you bed and thrusting your front body to a soft support. Cuddle a pillow for support. A back massage is extremely comforting for a pregnant women. It relieves you from backache and fatigue.
For the foot, you can lie down on your back and rest your legs on a pillow. Stretch your legs completely, and get a relaxing procedure done for yourself. You can also sit by stretching your legs and rest your back to a cozy support.
Raise your legs on a pillow and extend it. You can place your legs on somebody's lap and get the procedure done. You can maintain the same sitting posture for the shoulder and head.
When this procedure is done on the breast during pregnancy, it improves fluid circulation and keeps your skin healthy. It also helps to improve the flow of milk after childbirth.
A good pelvic muscle relaxes the hip bones and reduces stress of labor. You can place your one elbow behind your head, while massaging your breast with the other hand. Pelvic massages can be done by lying side-wise, exposing the hip bones.

Oils to Apply

While selecting oils, use only those oils formulated for pregnancy. These oils are safe for you and your baby's development. Essential oils, like geranium, petit grain, rose otto, lavender, mandarin, bergamot, tea tree, sandalwood, chamomile, grape seed, almond, and neroli oil are safe to use.
Before applying, it's always advised to take suggestion from doctors. Aromatherapy oils are also extremely soothing. You can also apply medicated oils under doctor's prescription.

Safety Measures

Make sure that this therapy won't be causing harm to your baby. Whatever you experience, will be felt by your baby as well. Keep your body movements gentle during the process.
Massage the body parts, especially the abdomen, in clockwise direction. The strokes must be gentle and rapid. It's always a better experience when you get it done by a masseuse, who is well acquainted with the right techniques.
That was a guide to massage techniques for pregnant women. For best results, take advice from your doctor before pampering your body.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.