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Maternity Dress Patterns

Pregnant women need not compromise on style and fashion. There are many good maternity dress patterns that are sensible yet fashionable.
Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 9, 2019
When you are expecting a baby, it is hard to find an outfit that is fashionable and will flatter your changing figure. Pregnant ladies often find it hard and embarrassing to show their full figure, but you can look beautiful in suitable maternity clothes.
Maternity clothes should be comfortable as well as stylish. There is no reason to hide behind bulky clothes just because your shape has changed. One of the most comfortable outfits to wear during a pregnancy is a dress.

Maternity Dress Styles

You do not need to shun your social life when you are pregnant. There are a lot of trendy maternity dress styles and patterns that you can try out and show off your gorgeous pregnancy glow. There are also a lot of options in maternity evening dress patterns if you want to attend a formal cocktail party.
If you are petite and are unable to find maternity clothes that fits you, then there are many online stores that sells petite maternity clothes. Maxi dresses are a very fashionable and chic wear for moms to be. Go for a well cut maxi dress, which is fitted in the bust area and flowing and voluminous at the bottom.
Team the maxi dress with strappy kitten heels or gladiator sandals for maximum comfort without compromising on style.
The full length of the maxi dress is great for concealing the belly and broad hips. This is one of the best pattern of maternity dresses which looks great on pregnant ladies. Go for bold colors or small abstract prints for an elegant look.
Choose empire cut dresses in dark colors and trendy prints. Empire cut dresses provide flattering silhouettes for pregnant ladies and they also help in concealing the baby bulge.
Wearing dark colors like black, dark brown, olive green and navy blue makes a person look thinner. Dress up a simple black maternity dress with some eye-catching accessories like a cocktail ring, jeweled brooch and a colored scarf.

Maternity Wedding Dress Patterns

Choosing a wedding dress when you are pregnant should not pose a problem as many designers as well as high street stores stock maternity wedding dresses. When you shop for your wedding dress, do keep in mind that you need to consider how much weight you will put on by the time of your wedding.
Some styles that are flattering on a slim and tall person might look horribly wrong on a pregnant women. Also keep comfort in mind while planning to buy the maternity wedding dress as you will have to wear the dress for a considerable period during the wedding ceremony and reception.
The most flattering style for a maternity wedding dress is the empire cut gown which is strapless and falls below the ankle. Finding the right gown for your wedding might not be such a challenge, as many bridal boutiques carry a selection of maternity wedding dress patterns. You can select soft fabrics like gossamer which gives a very feminine look.
One can ask a good seamstress to embroider with silver thread on the bust area so that it distracts attention away from your belly. Avoid wearing corsets with boning underneath as it will be very uncomfortable. Also avoid fussy styles like big bows and laces as it will make you appear very large.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Patterns

If your bridesmaid is expecting, then you need to keep her comfort in mind while choosing a dress for her. Pick a style that complements the other bridesmaid as well. Some fabrics that work well for a bridesmaids gown are silk, matte jersey and crepe.
Dresses with empire waist and an A-line looks elegant and graceful. Soft pastel colors like peach, fawn and powder blue will bring out the glow in the bridesmaid and suit a blossoming figure. You can also add flair to the bridesmaids dress by jazzing it up with sequins and beads.

Best Maternity Dress Patterns

With these maternity dress patterns, choosing a dress that flatters your figure won't be a problem. Dresses are not the only option. Chic maternity clothing patterns include tunics which can be worn over jeans or leggings.
V necks and boat necks are the most flattering necklines that you can wear. Avoid wearing dresses and tops that have ruffles and detailing in the abdominal area.
You can also pick a wrap dress and floaty tops in chiffon to be worn with jeans. With so many options available, you can dress stylishly during your pregnancy.