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Medical Alert Necklace for Women

Niharika Arya Apr 10, 2019
Medical alert devices can be of great help at the time of emergency. Nowadays you can get special medical alert jewelry which can help you to use it as a trendy and fashionable accessory. Medical alert necklace is one the most preferable accessory for women. Read on to get more information.
When medical alert concept was introduced, people used to carry medical identification tags which gives the details about the medical history of the person. However, people happened to forget to take it with them or neglected it while going for parties or celebrations, thus its purpose proved to be futile.
But when medical devices were introduced in jewelry, the selling increased greatly. It became famous due to its fashionable designs and colors. The manufacturers made a collection of medical alert bracelets, earrings, key-chains, necklaces, etc. Nowadays, you can also get them as a USB device which contains data about your medical history and treatment.

Medical Alert Device as Necklace

You can wear a necklace where ever you go. You can get a whole lot of choice in the market for designs, colors, shapes, size and material. The best thing is that you can customize as per your choice and your need. There are a lot of options in jewelry for women as compared to men.
You can get the necklace in any metal like gold, silver, platinum or may be in a satin cord, beaded strings or in a simple chain. You can wear it simple or can get pendants in heart, round, square, star or any desired shape.
The best thing with medical alert necklace is that, you can easily get a USB attached to the pendant. This USB can store not only your brief medical history but will also help the emergency team to understand your medical condition plus what medicine to give you as first aid.
You can customize your jewelry, you can get the pendants in a shape of peanuts, bees, etc. which will indicate your allergy to peanut or bees and any other thing.

Working of a Medical Alert Necklace

Medical alert necklace is provided with some of the brief medical identification of the holder. This brief information are embedded on the inner side of the necklace which includes name of the disease, ID code, toll free emergency number, etc.
The necklace has a panic button which works like a GPS. As soon as the button is pressed, it transmits signals to the emergency medical center and also informs patient's relatives and friends. Hence, with the help of this device, medical help reaches the person immediately and with the help of the details on her necklace, first aid can be provided at once.
There are many medical conditions for which one should have medical alert jewelry. Following are some of them.
  • Diabetes, asthma, cardiac problems, kidney problems, etc.
  • Any kind of allergy form food, drugs, insects, etc.
  • Hearing, visual or mental impairments and autism.
  • Blood related complications like rare blood group, sickle cell anemia, etc.
You can get these jewellery in lower range also. So, ladies what are you waiting for? Just grab your own piece from the fashionable medical alert necklace collection and for all the men out there, gift a beautiful necklace to your beloved which will keep her safe from dangerous health complications.