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Muscle Spasms in Stomach

This article will provide detailed information on stomach muscle spasms, its causes and treatment.
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Muscle spasms are the sudden, involuntary, and painful contraction of the muscles. It should be noted that people of all age groups can experience this abnormal twitching of the muscles. Muscle spasms, specially in neck and stomach, should not be ignored as they can be symptoms of some underlying disorder.
The sudden cramping in the stomach or abdominal area is caused due to the painful contraction of muscles that help in passing of food in the stomach. Muscle spasms in the stomach occur due to acute illnesses related to digestion.
Stomach Flu
Stomach flu or gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the stomach and the intestine, caused by viruses or bacteria. This disorder is caused due to intake of contaminated food or water. It is more commonly observed in children and infants, than in adults. Stomach muscle pain and spasm, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. are some of the prominent symptoms of this disorder.
Colic is the acute or severe abdominal pain that comes and goes abruptly. The exact cause of it is unknown and is commonly seen in infants. Excessive crying is the most common symptom of colic. However, sometimes, symptoms like muscle spasms in stomach are also observed. A healthy baby suddenly crying excessively for no obvious reason is a sign of colic.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder where a person experiences change in bowel habits, accompanied with discomfort, diarrhea, or constipation. It is a chronic disorder with no known cause. Irritable bowel syndrome can also cause abdominal muscle spasms, which are very painful.
As mentioned above, nearly all the causes of stomach muscle spasms are related to disorders related to digestion. Apart from the above mentioned disorders, indigestion, food poisoning, constipation, and diarrhea, etc. can also cause muscle twitching in the abdomen.
Stomach Muscle Spasms During Pregnancy
As early signs of pregnancy, some women experience muscle spasms in lower stomach. This cramping is similar to the muscle cramps experienced during menstruation. Although it is not a prominent symptom, it is observed in most women during pregnancy. In most of the cases, it is found that stomach pain or spasms during pregnancy is caused due to digestive problems. However, it is wise to consult the doctor immediately in case the pain is experienced frequently, for a longer period, or is accompanied with other symptoms.
All diseases and disorders mentioned above can be treated with the help of different treatment methods. Gastroenteritis, although a serious disease, can be treated with antibiotics. As dehydration due to diarrhea is observed during gastroenteritis, one needs to rehydrate the body with water and electrolytes. Irritable bowel syndrome can be gradually controlled with medications, laxatives, and having a fibrous diet. Sometimes, alternative therapies like acupuncture or psychotherapy can also be recommended to cure irritable bowel syndrome. Colic, on the other hand, improves on its own. Usually no medications are prescribed for colic; but, sometimes, homeopathic medicines can be used for treating colic.
Having a healthy and balanced diet helps in prevention of stomach muscle spasms to a great extent. Similarly, methods of cleanliness and hygiene should also be maintained regularly. Lastly, one should remember that all the diseases causing abdominal muscle spasms can be treated effectively if timely treatment is undertaken. It is recommended to consult the doctor for proper consultation and treatment. Take care!