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Natural Ways to Induce Period

Hate Taking Pills? Here are 8 Natural Ways to Induce a Period

Periods, the soonest you can make them arrive after a long, dry, anxious spell, the better. The following article will take you through some natural ways to help induce periods and carry forth the plan.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Even though getting a period is rarely ever a time that women look forward to, there are certain situations in which we need for the period to show. There could be several reasons for why one would want to induce their period, ranging from medical to others. While there are several synthetic pills that can be taken to induce periods, there are several natural means by which this can be brought about. Let us go through some of these ways in the following sections.
Natural Ways of How to Induce Menstruation
Lucky for us, there are ways which induce periods naturally and safely without causing any danger to one's health and well-being. Let's get to those methods now.
Parsley Tea
Parsley is one herb that is known to lead to contractions in the uterus and help lower the walls of the uterus as well. Parsley is usually used in the form of parsley tea to induce a period. This ensures that a strong dose of the same is administered and is known to bring the menstruation cycle in faster. For best results, have about 2 tsp of the same 4 times a day.
Celery Juice
Juice prepared from fresh celery and had twice a day is known to stimulate the uterus and lead to periods early on.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most effective, least evasive, and safest ways of bringing about periods. Having it in the form of tablets or through food sources that are high in vitamin C is the best way to go about this. Although, a very high dosage of the same is required to kick in the periods early, so pills or tablets is the best way to go. The purer the vitamins, the more effective they will be.
Dried Ginger Drink
Ginger is another very effective solution to induce periods. Since ginger is very hot to be consumed raw, one can use dried ginger powder as a part of a drink and consume the same 2 - 3 times a day for best results.
Heat-inducing Fruits
There are several fruits that induce heat in the body. It has been said that increased body heat leads to inducing one's menstrual cycle. Some of these fruits include mango, papaya, and pineapples.
Getting Busy
Having sex is also known to help bring in the periods. Intercourse helps to produce contractions in the uterus as well as releases certain hormones that help in inducing periods. The blood rushes to the vagina and helps the process further.
Hot Water Pack
If you've used a hot water bag over your lower abdomen while cramping from periods, you'll know that it is one of the most effective ways to deal with the period pain. The good news is that this solution doubles up as one of the most natural ways to induce periods as well.
It is said that obesity, stress, and anxiety can lead to irregular and missed periods. One of the best ways to ensure regular periods and inducing periods is to carry forth intensive aerobic, abdominal, and cardio exercises. This releases certain feel good hormones, decreases the estrogen levels in the body, and leads to the induction of periods.
Simple and effective and no need to pop those pills one after the other. So try out these methods soon and you'll have what you want.
Disclaimer - This HerHaleness article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
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