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Night Sweats in Women Under 40

Night Sweats in Women Under 40

Have you been experiencing night sweats from some time? Or possibly you are looking for information on night sweats in women who are in their thirties? Here's an article that talks about reasons of night sweats in women under 40. Read on and know few remedies too.
Avanika Mote
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Night sweats could seem to be a minor issue but sometimes it may prove to be a key to symptom for some underlying problem. Women often ignore the night sweats as just a "phase" of their life. Night sweats in women under 40 is a very common symptom during premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy and menopause. Excessive sweating disorder at night is also called sleep hyperhidrosis in medical language. The reasons are many. Let us take a look at the causative factors and treatment options for this disorder, in the following paragraphs.

Causes for Night Sweats in Women Under 40

There can be several reasons why women who are under 40 years of age get affected due to sleep hyperhidrosis. It is essential to treat the triggers in the initial stages, lest they develop into unwanted complications, which may take longer to get cured. Following is a list of a few causes that may trigger night sweats in women under 40.

Infections are one of highest found causes of night sweats in women. Infections like tuberculosis are highly associated with night sweats. Another infection which is linked with night sweats in women includes Endocarditis - an infection that causes inflammation of the heart valves, Osteomyelitis - inflammation of the bones, tonsillitis, appendicitis, diverticulitis and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

Hormones and Other Factors
When a woman's estrogen levels vacillate during premenopause and during menopause stage, night sweats are often experienced. These fluctuations in a woman's estrogen levels affect the area of your brain which is responsible for the regulation of body temperature. This causes physical reactions leading to night sweats in women under 40. Eating very spicy foods, alcoholism and having caffeine rich drinks before bed also leads to night sweats.

Hot Flashes
Night sweats in women during premenopause and menopause phases turn out to be serious hot flashes that can soak the woman's sleepwear and bed sheets. These hot flashes feel more severe than usual night sweats, because when the hot flash starts growing, a woman is deep asleep and the moment it peaks up, she might be wrapped with blankets and sheets which make it worse. Night sweats in women under 40 can be tremendously disturbing and may regularly disturb her sleep. Hot flashes can be accompanied by headaches, irregular or rapid heartbeat and nausea.

Medication and Other Supplements
A number of medications and other supplements are a cause of night sweats in women under 40. Almost all the types of antidepressants cause increased night sweating as a side effect. Many steroids like cortisone and prednisone are linked with this disorder. Vitamin supplements like Niacin (Vitamin B3) may cause flushing, which feels like sweating. Viagra and few blood pressure medications can also cause flushing.

Other Conditions
Common health conditions like low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) causes night sweats, as it causes increase in perspiration than normal times when the woman is awake. Women suffering from diabetes, particularly type 1 and type 2 diabetes may also experience hypoglycemia when they are asleep. Thyroid disorders can also cause night sweats in women under 40. A type of cancer, lymphoma may also cause this condition in women under 40.

Treating Night Sweats in Women

Though a bothersome condition, it is necessary to treat hyperhidrosis for a disturbance-free sleep and healthy body. Here are some basic tips on how to stop night sweats in women:
  • Consider sleeping on cotton bed sheets. Cotton fabric is cool and does not emit any heat.
  • Wear light colored and light weight cotton sleepwear.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee during late nights.
  • Include Vitamin B6-rich foods like wheat and cereal in your diet.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods.
  • Include foods rich in phytoestrogens in your diet. For example, soya and tofu.
  • Consider eating Vitamin E-rich foods like almonds and sweet potato.
  • Include foods rich in magnesium and calcium.
  • You can also try having supplements of evening primrose.
Besides these remedies, a change in lifestyle can also reduce the occurrence, to a large extent. So, start exercising regularly to stay in shape and to stay fit. Exercises like walking, cycling, sit-ups and leg lifting should be practiced for at least 30 minutes everyday. You should concentrate on utilizing the oxygen in the liver with dandelion, Ho Shou Wu, Dong Quai and Yellow Dock - these are excellent remedies that help in increasing the oxygen levels. Herbal supplements like red clover, sarsaparilla, wild yam root, unicorn root, and soy, help replacing the lost estrogen to reduce problems associated with menopause related night sweats in women under 40 and other symptoms. And above all, drink as much water as you can!

So with that, I hope I have been able to provide you useful information on night sweats in women under 40. If these remedies do not work, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible. Take care, my dear ladies and stay fit!