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Postpartum Meditation and Relaxation Tips for Beginners

Buzzle Staff Apr 17, 2019
As a new mom, chances are that you have stepped into the world of sleep-deprivation, chaos, and stress. Whether you are breastfeeding, or just looking for a natural or alternative treatment for postpartum depression, stress, and anxiety, meditation could be the key to relief.

By Allie McComas

Having a new baby can turn your once calm world upside down. Not only is your body adjusting and your hormones are fluctuating, but also you are experiencing new thoughts and feelings brought forth by the birth of your baby, and by being a new mother.
Postpartum depression is more than just "baby blues". Roughly, 10-15% of new mothers experience this condition, and it typically lasts longer than a week. About 10 to 20% women experience most severe form, especially younger ones. For about 60% of women who experience it, this will be the first episode of depression which they will experience in their lives.
While one of the most important things you can do for your baby is to protect your mental, emotional, and physical health, meditation also can restore your energy, and help you to sleep better.
Plus, no matter how hectic your day is as a new mom, you owe it to yourself and to your baby, to find the time to meditate, for clearing out your mind, and getting rid of tension, stress, and anxiety from your body.
If you can dedicate 20 minutes (twice daily) for meditation, you will be allowing yourself to directly experience the deepest levels of your mind and body, to feel the replenishment of your spiritual reserves, as well as allowing your body to let go of the negative energy.
Mothers who meditate on a regular basis, consider it as a powerful tool for eliminating stress and fatigue. Since this 20-minute practice is effective regardless of culture or religion, it can be practiced by those of any faith. It can be undertaken anytime during the day, when babies are napping, or children are at school.
Meditation allows you to get to know your inner-self, as well as to get in touch with your body's natural rhythms. It is a great way to help you tap into your feminine power so that you emerge spiritually nourished, joyful, and totally revitalized.
In this art, there is no right or wrong way to do it. When you are starting it, don't place any expectations on yourself, or try to force something to happen during your experience.
Also, don't fall into the common pitfalls of over-analyzing, or trying to make your mind to go completely blank. Just minimize any noise or distractions that will hinder your concentration. Turn off the TV, and unplug your phone if you must. Remember, this is the time to replenish your spirit.
Find a comfortable place to meditate. This could be your bed, the floor, a chair, or any other place that allows you to be relaxed. If you would like, prepare one comfy pillow for your bottom, and one for your legs.
Sit with your spine straight, and place your hands in any comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths, and let them out slowly. Imagine that your mind and heart are opening out to this wonderful experience. This allows oxygen, as well as the spiritual energy to freely flow throughout your body, which is an important aspect of this exercise.
For a meditative state, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Concentrate on  steadily inhaling and exhaling. Picture an object in your mind, which is simple and pleasing for you like a flower, the word "love", your favorite animal, etc. Some people prefer a sound like that of wind chimes. Just try to visualize that object, word or representation of the sound.
After a while, the image will reproduce itself, and you will fell this in the middle of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Then, you can sense the stress and tensions fade away, and you will experience a meditative state that is beyond any words, sounds, or images.
If you find yourself having other thoughts, that's okay. Go ahead and allow them into your mind. Become a spectator, and watch the images as you would watch a movie. Enlightenment comes from your inner dialog with the stream of consciousness.
Research has shown that in this type of meditation improves the body's adaptation to stress, reduces anxiety, and decreases depression. It can also improve sleep quality, reduce insomnia, increase positivity, and improve marital satisfaction, and adjustment to family life.
Take the time to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, as well as reinforce your commitment to your spiritual life. Meditation can give your baby, the best mom he/she can have.