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Twin Pregnancy Signs

Sonia Nair Apr 16, 2019
The signs and symptoms are more or less similar for both normal and twin pregnancies. Here is a brief overview about those signs that may indicate a twin pregnancy.
First of all, twin pregnancies are uncommon, unless you have such a family history. Chances of having twins are higher for those, who have undergone treatment for infertility. It has also been observed that such pregnancies occur mostly in older women.
However, in some cases, twin pregnancies just happen, without any reason. As in a normal pregnancy, a twin pregnancy also displays a few characteristic symptoms.
The early symptoms of pregnancy may vary from one woman to another. Some of them may not experience any such symptom. This applies to twin pregnancies too. However, there are some common early pregnancy signs that may indicate a twin pregnancy.
  • Morning sickness is common during the early stages of pregnancy. Those with twin pregnancies may experience severe morning sickness, as compared to those with normal pregnancies.
  • Extreme fatigue is another hallmark of a twin pregnancy. Though experienced by women with normal pregnancies, this is more prominently seen in twin pregnancies.
  • In case of twin pregnancies, the expecting mother may feel more hungry, and develop cravings at a very early stage.
  • Mood swings are common in twin pregnancies, as such women produce more hormones.
  • As far as pregnancy tests are concerned, the HcG levels of a woman with a twin pregnancy would be higher. HcG is a hormone found in the blood and urine of women after 10 days of conception. Pregnancy tests often detect the level of this hormone to determine pregnancy.
  • In case of an ultrasound, some experienced doctors can detect double heartbeats during the early stages of pregnancy. Double heartbeat is one of the signs of a twin pregnancy.
  • Some women develop an intuition that they are carrying twins, as they feel more heaviness in the lower abdomen.
  • Weight gain is faster in women with twin pregnancies, as they have bigger uteri. In most cases, women with twin pregnancies have 5 to 10 pounds more than the body weight of women with normal pregnancies.
  • Another symptom is frequent fetal movements. In some twin pregnancies, fetal movement may develop very early.
In short, most of the symptoms are similar for twin pregnancies and normal pregnancies. However, it has been observed that the symptoms are more severe in twin pregnancies. Some women with twin pregnancies may also develop varicose veins and water retention (causing swelling of feet and hands).
Some may not experience any symptom. So, it is always better to confirm a twin pregnancy with an ultrasound, and not on the basis of symptoms.
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.