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Frequently Asked Questions About Miscarriage

Frequently Asked Questions About Miscarriage

I guess the reason why you're going through this article is because you, or a dear one has just experienced a miscarriage. I have compiled a few really important questions about miscarriages. Getting answers to these questions from your doctor will surely simplify the physical and emotional healing process post the miscarriage.
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
A miscarriage is one of the most upsetting experiences for an expectant couple and the rest of the family. Technically, any loss of pregnancy before completion of 20 weeks of pregnancy is termed as a miscarriage. Any subsequent complications and fetal death is termed as a stillbirth. Though miscarriages may seem like rare cases, the facts state otherwise. An estimated one out of every eight pregnancies ends up in a miscarriage. As a woman, it is natural for you to feel shocked, frustrated, guilty, and angry, all at the same time. This state of mind might make you reluctant to come forward and ask some very important and practical questions to your doctor. However, there are several reasons why you need to open up and clear your doubts. For one, it will help you get over the guilt and depression faster and the other being that it will help you understand the medical complications involved and the chances of having successful pregnancies in the future.

So, here is what you need to ask.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Post a Miscarriage

Miscarriage Confirmation
  1. What exactly is meant by a miscarriage?
  2. What are the early signs of a miscarriage?
  3. Does excessive bleeding mean that the fetus has miscarried?
  4. Is there any chance to surgically save this pregnancy?
  5. Was there a chance to save this pregnancy if the medication had started a little earlier?
  6. What are the tests required to confirm a miscarriage?
  7. How soon can the test results be expected?
  8. What is the cost of getting the tests done?
Surgery and Recovery
  1. How long will the bleeding process continue post the miscarriage?
  2. What are the precautions to be followed during the whole bleeding process?
  3. Are there any pills to help reduce pain on account of bleeding?
  4. What is the recommended diet post-surgery?
  5. Are there any surgical methods of clearing a miscarriage?
  6. What is the length of hospitalization post this surgery?
  7. What is the cost of the surgery?
  8. Are there any post surgery complications after a miscarriage?
  9. Is there any necessity for a routine check-up after the surgery?
  10. What is the recommended resting time after the miscarriage?
  11. Is it safe to start exercising immediately after the miscarriage?
  12. How long will it take for my normal menstrual cycle to return?
Post Miscarriage Effects
  1. Why do I still feel pregnant after my miscarriage?
  2. How long will it take for my hormones to come to normal levels?
  3. Are there any exercises to reduce the physical stress?
  4. Are there any pills to get over the depression after the miscarriage?
Deducing Reasons for a Miscarriage
  1. What is the reason for this miscarriage?
  2. Are there any genetic defects in my body?
  3. Are there any hormonal deficiencies in my body?
  4. Do I have any immunity problems?
  5. Was the nature of my diet during the pregnancy a possible reason of this miscarriage?
  6. Was my exercise routine during the pregnancy defective?
  7. Was my earlier smoking habit responsible for the miscarriage?
  8. Is my coffee or tea consumption responsible for this miscarriage?
  9. Was my previous miscarriage (if any) a reason for my current miscarriage?
  10. Can a miscarriage happen because of a genetic defect in the father?
Effects of a Miscarriage
  1. What are chances of internal complications after the miscarriage? (Ask this if the miscarriage happened after an accident.)
  2. Can a similar miscarriage take place in the future?
  3. Can a miscarriage in the future be life-threatening?
  4. Will the ovulation process continue as before?
  5. Are there any chances of successful conception in the near future?
  6. How soon will my body be ready for a new pregnancy?
Determining Chances of a Successful Future Pregnancy
  1. Are there any recommended pills or injections to get over the hormonal or genetic problems?
  2. What is the cost of the pills and injection routine?
  3. Is there any surgery recommended to correct the problem?
  4. What is the cost of this correction surgery?
  5. What is the length of the recovery time post this surgery?
  6. What are the chances of having a normal pregnancy post the surgery?
  7. When is the ideal time to start sexual intercourse after the surgery?
  8. Are there any dietary supplements to improve health and fertility?
In spite of repeated assurances from the doctor, a woman's mind might be hoarded over the miscarriage for days together. Her mind may be tormented with unexplained questions such as why was she destined to lose the baby and that she was responsible for bringing disappointment to the whole family. In such a case, the spouse and the rest of the family needs to handle the situation with extreme care and fix an appointment with a counselor at the earliest.