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Reasons for Irregular Periods

Irregular periods and can't figure out why? Here, in this write-up, we enlist all the reasons for irregular periods in teenagers and married women. Take a look, and decipher what's your reason!
You have a problem if, many a time in this article, I sound utterly chauvinistic? I have none, for I know how stressful is it to deal with irregular periods. What's more, menstrual cramps take away your life, every damn month, thus, adding to your restlessness. The bottom line is, abnormal periods are a real pain - not only to your body, but to your psyche as well. Post marriage, you might want to reason out pregnancy as a cause of abnormal periods. However, I have just one thing to say. Girl, you think too far. Pregnancy isn't the only reason behind a late or an early period. There are endless causes for periods to go irregular, which entirely roil your 28-day menstrual cycle. But then, there's no need to panic, for 30 per cent of women worldwide are a dupe of this irregularity. Reasons? The following words unlock the answer.

Reasons for an Abnormal Menstrual Cycle

While a regular period occurs every 28 days, but it depends upon your body and hormones, as a result of which, you could get your period every 20 days, or even after a span of 35 days. It's always recommended you keep a count of the number of days between each period, for it is then that you can determine whether your periods are regular or not. For a period that has no sense of regularity, following could be the possible:

Hormonal ImbalanceOne of the prime reasons for periods to go irregular is hormonal imbalance. In a female's body, in order to produce a period, the body creates hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Various parts of the body need to send signals to each other in order to trigger menstruation. However, due to hormonal imbalance, many a time, these signals are missed or skipped, thus, resulting in irregular periods.
PregnancyWell, to a certain extent, pregnancy could also be one of the most significant reasons behind an irregular menstrual cycle after marriage. If at all you're a sexually active female, you must be using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. However, it is recommended you get a check up done, for chances are, the contraceptive might have failed, and you could experience a late period on birth control. If you're pregnant, there is no doubt about the fact that pregnancy is the only reason for a missed or irregular period.
Sudden Weight Gain or LossHave you gained or lost a lot of weight lately? If yes, you've got an answer. When your body works at a constant pace, the hormones learn to process in similar manner. However, the moment you start doing rigorous workout, or eat a lot, your body takes a while to adjust to it. Hence, hormones become imbalanced, and lead to irregularity in periods. However, this is not a tense situation as it happens with every woman who has lost or gained weight quickly.
StressWorkload? Job issues? Relationship turmoil? Mental dissatisfaction? Reduce your stress, female, for it's affecting the regularity of your periods. Yes, stress contributes to the most common reasons for a late period. With increasing stress, you are affecting the hormonal balance of your body, and hence, not only do your periods become irregular, but they also result in excessive weight gain, and anxiety.
MenopauseCrossed the age of 40? Menopause is near. When you're in your late 40s, you could witness an irregularity in your menstrual cycle for it is that period of your life where you experience a transition between your reproductive and non-reproductive stage. As a result, your body may stop generating relevant hormones, thus, resulting in irregular or late periods.
Polycystic Ovarian DiseaseSo, you aren't pregnant, but you're still worried. Well, if your pregnancy test result came out to be negative, get a check up done, for chances, even though very less, are that you are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease which is caused due to irregular ovulation as a result of hormonal imbalance. With proper treatment, your gynecologist will help you get your periods back to regular. However, this shall not be neglected!

In order to treat abnormal periods, reduce your stress level, get your mathematics right, and eat well. There is no other way you could get your periods back to normal. For now, you know all the reasons for irregular menses. Don't panic in such a situation, for the more you panic, the more you're disturbing the hormonal balance of your body. Instead, take all the necessary precautions, and talk to your doctor. Be transparent to him/her, for it is only then that he/she would tell you the exact treatment. Yes, irregular periods are extremely normal. Trust me.