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Various Relationship Problems That a Couple Faces During Pregnancy

Continue reading to understand how to deal with relationship problems that crop up during pregnancy.
Parul Solanki Jun 18, 2019
Pregnancy is often believed to be a time when a couple bond and tend to come closer. What people often miss out are the problems related to the intense hormones, unpredictable moods, rapid bodily changes, and high stress.
The frustrations and stress can lead to a number of relationship problems during your pregnancy, which is understandable. These are not only restricted to the woman, but also extend to the father-to-be. From financial worries to intimacy issues, understanding the relationship issues during pregnancy is the first step towards dealing with them.

Marriage and Relationship Problems During Pregnancy

Depression During Pregnancy

Prenatal and postnatal depression is a common problem faced by women during pregnancy. It is believed that nearly 15% to 20% of pregnant women are likely to suffer from maternal depression.
 While posing a risk to the mother and the baby, the depression can affect the couple's relationship as well. The symptoms such as irritability, pregnancy mood swings, and the constant fatigue displayed due to gestational depression can confuse the partner leaving the relationship strained.
Sometimes the woman may start blaming the partner for her pain and suffering with comments like "You do not know what it is like" or "You are not there for me". Listening to a partner who is behaving resentfully and angrily without hurling resentful tit-for-tat comments is quite difficult and this leads to a strain in the communication.

Problems Related to Physical Changes

Pregnancy is accompanied by a number of physical changes, from sudden weight gain to the feelings of fatigue. This can cause intimacy problems between partners with some women not being able to adjust to the bodily changes during pregnancy. 
While the first few months may cause a disinterest in sex due to the morning sickness and nausea, the next few months are related to number of physical changes like weight gain and swelling abdomen.
This may cause the feelings of unattractiveness and the fear of not being able to look feminine again. This may or may not be reflected by the partner as well, thus influencing a couple's sexual desire and physical attraction. Some expectant fathers tend to think that they will hurt the baby during sex, and thus stay away from physical relations.

Financial Burdens

Often underestimated but financial burdens are the crux of relationship problems during pregnancy.
Right from the day one, there are a number of things that need to be addressed such as the cost of regular medical checkups, medicines, and nutritional foods for the pregnant woman.
Moreover, with a child on the way there is always the extra worry of how to support the baby and the additional costs like the cost of diapers, baby clothes, post-natal care, baby food, etc. Since the mother's attention is focused on the pregnancy, the father has to worry about finances by himself.
Although the family finances are a joint responsibility, it is often the father who has to make tough decisions about financial priorities. This can lead to stress and conflicts, leaving the expectant fathers depressed and withdrawn. Discuss your financial matters and plan out the prenatal care cost before planning a baby.

Isolation of the Partner

With the baby on the way and the limelight shifted to the mother-to-be, the father tends to feel isolated and left out. These feelings of disconnectedness can cause a lot of tension and resentfulness in the relationship.
To resolve this issue, it is best to include the father in all the little things associated with the baby like the baby showers, the ultrasounds, and medical checkups.
This not only provides you with an opportunity to share your life's best moments with him, but also help him overcome the depression that stems from the nervousness and stress of becoming a father.
Relationship problems during pregnancy along with consistent tension and stress can affect both the mother and the child often resulting in a rise in blood pressure, going into premature labor, and other serious medical problems. Resolve the stress and the tension by communicating with each other.
Sharing your feelings of insecurities, fear, panic, stress with your partner can help you rule out the conflicts. Spend time together as a couple and go away for spontaneous gateways to enjoy this wonderful phase of your lives.