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Signs of Pregnancy Over 40

Most women who are above the age of 40 years, think that they can't get pregnant. They mistake the signs of pregnancy for perimenopause. Since women are susceptible to pregnancy complications at this age, it is important to detect pregnancy early and get proper prenatal care. The following write-up provides information on these symptoms.
HerHaleness Staff
Women at 40, think they have outgrown the age of pregnancy. However, this is a misconception, and today women are conceiving after 40 naturally, as well as with the aid of clinical techniques. After taking necessary health advice from doctors, one can definitely plan to expand the family. There is less likelihood of the development of pregnancy-related complications at this advanced age, unless you have a prior history of body ailments.
Signs and Symptoms
Since the signs are similar to normal pregnancy, women who have given birth earlier would be acquainted with them. If you are healthy, then getting pregnant is absolutely possible at this age. The following symptoms are likely to occur after conception:
Missed Period
Menopause usually doesn't take place at the age of 40. If a woman at 40 has been getting her periods regularly every month, but has missed it this time or the period is spotty/very light, then it can either be a sign of pregnancy or perimenopause. Carry out the pregnancy test at home to confirm the cause.
Morning Sickness
If the aforementioned test is positive and you experience nausea/dizziness after waking up, vomiting either empty stomach or after breakfast, sleepiness, lethargy, etc., then you might be experiencing morning sickness, which is a common sign of pregnancy.
Appetite Changes
Changes in one's appetite could be due to hormonal changes or perimenopause. However, in addition to it, if you also observe loss of appetite, aversion to favorite dishes while gorging on foods that you would never eat, incredible hunger pangs for specific dishes, and drastic fluctuation in your appetite, then these could be the symptoms of pregnancy.
Physical Discomfort
At the age of 40, you may experience physical discomfort, cramps in back, legs, and abdomen only due to the age factor. However, these are also signs of pregnancy.
Weight Gain
Usually, the metabolism of women at 40 is slow, and this could lead to sudden weight changes. If there has not been major changes in your diet, but you have put on a few pounds, then this may not be due to age. Consult a medical practitioner if you are also experiencing the aforementioned symptoms.
Frequent Urination
If you are urinating more than usual, or have developed an issue with incontinence suddenly, then check with the doctor, as it could be a result of pregnancy.
Mood Swings
A woman in her 40s could experience mood swings due to perimenopause, as well as pregnancy.
Women affected by health complications such as thyroid gland disorders, genetic problems, ovarian cysts, and hormonal problems must consult the doctor, if they wish to get pregnant. The risks of pregnancy over 40 include miscarriage, placenta previa, and birth defects in the newborn child. If you are unable to conceive after 40, then you can resort to artificial techniques for getting pregnant.
You will experience the aforementioned signs in the early days of pregnancy and eventually you will also experience other physical changes. Ensure you observe such changes and decipher whether the cause is perimenopause or pregnancy.
Disclaimer: This HerHaleness article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.