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Sonogram Vs. Ultrasound

Is there a difference between sonogram and ultrasound or are they the names attributed to one technique? Know more on this subject from the following write-up.
Rajib Singha Oct 3, 2018
The terms 'sonogram' and 'ultrasound' are used interchangeably. However, when we go by their proper definitions then it can be noticed that they are, in fact, different from each other, but in a subtle way.
Sonogram is technically defined as "an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves); used to observe fetal growth or to study bodily organs"
Ultrasound, in the truest technical sense, has its definition as "a very high frequency sound which is beyond the human audible frequency range; used in ultrasonography". So sonogram vs ultrasound is a valid topic to discuss on, as they have different meanings.

What is the Difference Between Sonogram and Ultrasound?

Time is interrelated to watch, however, they are not the same entities. The same concept goes for sonogram and ultrasound. Sonogram is a medical procedure, as suggested by its definition above, which uses ultrasound to create an image of what is inside the body, such as a fetus.
Having said that, the person who is in charge of this procedure, is known as a sonographer. On the other hand, ultrasound refers to a sound energy whose frequency is beyond the audible range of humans (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz), and is used in the procedure of sonogram.


With a sonogram, doctors can determine certain conditions which might keep the fetus in distress or in an undesired health condition.

► The gestational age (the age of an embryo counting from the time of fertilization) of the baby can also be determined by the use of a sonogram. It helps in accounting for the expected due date of the arrival of the baby.
► A sonogram, or sonography, also reveals conditions of multiple births and information about the gender of the fetus. This helps mothers to prepare before time, or may be shop for appropriate toys and clothes.

► Would the birth be a cesarean one or normal? Will there be any complications? All such information is derived with the application of a sonogram.
► Sonography is a safer option when compared to other medical procedures such as CT (computed tomography), fluoroscopy or X-rays.
► Expecting mothers are not the only ones who can benefit from the use of a sonogram. Anyone may get examined with the help of this procedure to detect any threats to his/her health. The procedure can be used to diagnose cases such as pelvic bleeding, menstrual problems, or locate cancerous cells.
► In men, sonography is helpful in detecting prostate problems such as prostate enlargement or cancer of the same.


► In sonography, ultrasound waves are transmitted into the human body. These waves suffer deflections from the boundaries between organs and the surrounding fluid, and between regions of differing tissue density. These deflections are used as facts to analyze the interiors of the human body.
► For coming up with the determination of uniformity and purity of liquids and solids, ultrasound finds its applications in most industries.

► Ultrasound is also used in the manufacture of automobile security systems.
► In order to determine the depth of water in a location, sonar systems make use of the technology of ultrasound. Not only depths, but schools of fish, other submarines and the like may also be detected.

► Ultrasound is also used by creatures under water like dolphins and whales.
If we have an intricate look at the features and properties of both these terms, it can be concluded that they are different from each other. In short, ultrasound refers to a general technology, while sonography is specifically associated with various fields of medicine.
Lastly, both these terms began to be used interchangeably in the early days of medical science. Ultrasound is actually the method, using which the procedure and the images of a sonogram were produced. However, the complete technique as a whole, was regarded as ultrasound and it still is.