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Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples
Sore nipples is a very common complaint among women. Let us uncover the different causes, and understand the reasons leading to this painful condition.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018
There are many health issues concerning their breasts, and these lead to unpleasant problems for women. A majority of women have issues like clear or milky discharge from nipples, breast pain (mastalgia), etc.
One of the most sensitive organs in a woman's body are the breasts. They are not only sensitive to external injury, but also to the hormonal upheaval in the body. There are many biological processes occurring in a woman's body at different stages of her life. Some of the stages have been described here.
During Ovulation
After reaching puberty, a girl begins to get regular periods. This menstrual cycle occurs till the egg is not fertilized. The process of release of the egg into the fallopian tube, from the ovary, is known as ovulation. The body tends to give out various signs to indicate ovulation. The breasts and nipples become tender and sore.
During Pregnancy
When a woman conceives, her body begins to make plenty of changes to accommodate a growing fetus. The hormonal rush due to pregnancy, causes an increase in blood flow to the breast tissues.
This causes the breasts and nipples to swell, feel tingly, become extremely sensitive to touch, and feel sore. These sensations are similar to the ones experienced during the menstruation cycle and ovulation. The only difference is the feeling is heightened, and more prominent.
Tender breasts are one of the early signs of pregnancy experienced around 4 to 6 weeks after conceiving. This condition may last way through the first trimester in many women. The treatment in this case, is to use supportive bras like maternity bras. You can even apply a cold compress to relieve the discomfort to some extent.
Due to Breastfeeding
baby girl
Sore nipples due to breastfeeding is the common complaint of new mothers.
The baby may have a difficulty in getting a hold on your nipple. This causes the baby to keep sucking, and pulling to hold on to it in the mouth. This continuous pulling may cause them to become sore. If they are cracked or bleeding, apply a purified lanolin ointment over it.
Another cause may be a tongue-tied baby. The baby's tongue may be attached to the lower part of the mouth, which may cause problems while feeding. This makes the baby unable to draw droughts of milk, and the baby keeps pulling at your breasts.
In this case, you need to visit a doctor, and get your baby examined. The doctor may advise a simple procedure that helps treat the condition.
Thrush may also be one of the causes, and it is important you seek immediate treatment, as it can spread to your baby. And lastly, a teething baby can be the reason.
Other Causes
Sometimes, some detergent remaining in your bra can cause the nipples to get irritated, and become sore. Other causes include hormonal imbalance due to stress, emotional disturbance and birth-control pills, a rough foreplay with your partner, dermatitis, etc. Many women do not realize, but a bad-fitting bra can also cause this condition.
If you suffer from persistent soreness of nipples, and a tender breast, visit a gynecologist. The doctor will be able to diagnose your condition better and provide you with an effective treatment option.