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Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Stretch Mark Removal Surgery

Are you looking to get rid of your stretch marks. This article discusses surgery options for removing the same.
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2017
Stretch marks are scars that plague most of us. Often, they are present on the parts which are not usually display in public. Hence, most of us are not bothered about them. Unfortunately, if you have such scars on upper arms, chest, legs etc., then you might want to get rid of them. Sadly, most of the stretch mark removal creams that promise to remove such scars are rarely effective. Thus, you are only left with one option, and that is surgery.

However, before considering your treatment options, you might want to know what causes stretch marks. Such scarring usually erupts when you gain weight in a short duration. This is particularly true in case of pregnancy or people who are on a drastic weight loss program. The skin tears apart when your body expands dramatically. The torn skin is replaced by collagen, a scar tissue. This results in the formation of shiny, whitish, silver stripes on the affected part of the body. When you lose weight , these scars remain, only their appearance changes. After weight loss, stretch marks look like purplish threads on the skin, and needless to say, they do not add any beauty to it. Hence, most people would like to get rid of them.

Surgery Options

Laser Surgery
Laser surgery to remove stretch marks is the most sought after surgery option for scar removal. In this process, a laser is used to disintegrate the affected skin so that it becomes even with the rest of the skin. Excimer laser is best for this purpose as it does not bruise or cut the affected skin, unlike other lasers. It uses an ultraviolet beam of light to target the affected skin part. It causes the disruption of skin molecules, so that they get disintegrated. This process is called ablation. The area exposed to laser beam then heals on its own. Healthy skin grows back in this area, when the healing is completed. You might experience some tenderness or redness in the region that was exposed to laser. However, this is normal and will soon subside on its own. You might require multiple sessions of laser therapy to achieve desired results. Just like any other surgery, some amount of risk is also involved in this kind of treatment.

Plastic Surgery
Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the only form of plastic surgery that works for stretch marks. During this surgery, stomach muscles are pulled together and the excess fat and skin is removed. This creates a tight and super flat stomach devoid of any scars. Unfortunately, this type of plastic surgery can only be performed for the stretch marks on stomach. Hence, this cannot be viewed as a sole option for stretch mark removal because they get removed only as a byproduct while removing the excess skin. Moreover, surgery cost for this particular type of treatment is pretty high.

Thus, if you really wish to go for a surgery to remove stretch marks, then you should probably consider laser surgery as your first option. It is cost-effective, produces excellent results, and can be performed anywhere on the body.