Taking a Bath After Giving Birth

Taking a bath after giving birth is not something you should decide on your own. Consult your doctor, get to know the risks involved, learn all the safety precautions and only then go for it.
HerHaleness Staff
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
First Bath
Those of you who have experienced what childbirth is, sure know about the mixed feelings of discomfort, pain, joy all fused together. No matter if you have had a normal delivery or a C-section, there definitely has some amount of blood and other substances that you so desperately want to get rid of. One cannot blame the new mother for wanting to clean herself as early as possible. However, rushing into a shower or getting in a bathtub immediately after childbirth may not be a bright idea. Taking a bath postpartum is something your doctor will decide for you.
When Can You Take a Bath After Giving Birth
If you had a normal vaginal delivery, your OB-GYN may ask you to immediately go for a bath. However, in case of C-section delivery, you might have to wait for several weeks before the incision heals completely. Even in case of natural delivery, if you have cuts in perineum that are sewn with stitches, then also you'll have to wait for some time for the stitches to heal. In either case, it is going to be your doctor's decision. Generally, six weeks after childbirth is a safe time to resume your usual baths. If your hospital papers do not mention anything about bath, then ask your midwife or supervising nurse about it.
Safest Way to Take a Bath
Bathtub is the safest way to take a bath after giving birth. Actually, it has a very therapeutic effect on the exhausted body of the woman. The warm water relaxes the pelvic region that has had enough trauma. It also soothes the hemorrhoids and relaxes the damaged tissues during episiotomy. Warm sitz bath are also available in most hospitals and work in a similar fashion as the bathtub. However, taking a shower after giving birth should be avoided as the jets of water directly hitting the body can damage tender tissues. Also, you may not find yourself in a state to stand in a shower. Even after weeks of delivery, you should avoid standing face front in shower.
Care to be Taken
The most important thing that one must do is follow all the precautions to prevent oneself from getting infected. After childbirth, your child depends on you for everything, hence you cannot afford to catch even a minor infection. Exposing your body in contaminated water is the biggest danger you could put yourself in. Hence, always follow these precautions.

Make sure the bathtub is clean and disinfected.
» Do not expose your nipples to bathwater, if you are breastfeeding.
» The water should be clean without any pathogens.
» The temperature of the water should be adjusted to an appropriate degree.
» Avoid using any fancy oils or perfumes in the bathtub as they may irritate your already swollen skin.
» It is most important to dry yourself thoroughly after taking a bath.
Needless to say, swimming after giving birth is out of question for the danger of catching an infection. Also make sure that you take proper care of yourself post delivery.
A bath after giving birth will definitely relax you physically and mentally as well. It will greatly reduce the fatigue and exhaustion after delivery. However, do not rush into it and take it only after proper guidance from your doctor.
Disclaimer: The information presented above is for educational purpose only. We do not encourage its usage as an alternative for medical practitioner's advice.