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Is Taking a Bath While on Period Safe? Find Your Answers Here

Taking a Bath While on Period
Does taking a bath during periods cause any health hazards? Is this practice advised against? Or is it just another myth? Let us get into the details of these queries in the following article.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
When a girl gets her periods for the first time, it is a highly confusing time for her. Not only are there several physical and psychological changes taking place in her body, but there are also several tales of lore that she hears about regarding her periods. Things like--one should not have a head bath during periods, or one should not have a bath at all during this time, and so on and so forth. In fact, the question of whether taking a bath while on period is OK, is not merely limited to pubescent girls who have just started out on menstruation, this doubt is seen to bother several woman, transcending over several age groups. So is it true, or not? Is bathing while on periods considered safe?
Can You Take a Bath While on Periods?
In a simple, one word answer--yes. It is definitely alright to take a bath during your cycle. In fact, it should be encouraged. When one has their menstruation cycle, there are several other things that one experiences with it--there's fatigue, mild depression, soreness, irritability, and cramping. Now imagine the body losing out on all the blood, all that iron. That is bound to make you tired. Have you ever had a hot water bath after an especially tiring day? When your feet are aching and you're sore from all the activity? Doesn't it feel good to simply soak yourself in and feel the tension ebb away? Exactly. The same theory applies when one has their periods. A bath helps to calm you, and leaves you refreshed and rested. So also, like a hot water bag relieves one of their cramping aches, a bath will set the mild pain right.
Another excellent reason to have a bath during your periods-maintaining hygiene and preventing infections. Cleaning yourself well and maintaining high standards of hygiene, especially at the time of your cycle is a must. An unkempt body, especially during menses, can lead to infections and rashes. So bathing regularly during your periods should be made a priority.
Contrary to popular belief, taking a head bath during your periods (on the first or last day, or mid-cycle) is also perfectly fine. There is no scientific nor medical reason that proves that it is a health hazard. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is to avoid taking a bath with cold water. Cold water leads to uterine contractions and this could lead to mild cramping in some women.
Another concern that one might have is that you will get water into the body if you soak in a tub--that's not going to happen. But yes, depending on the heaviness of the flow, you might bleed a little into the tub, which can get pretty ugly and probably negate the cleansing aspect of the entire venture all together. This can be dealt with effectively if a little care is taken when having a bath while on period. Let us see how.
Care While Bathing During Periods
There are some things that you can definitely do to make sure that nothing untoward happens when you're taking a bath during your menses.
1.  If you're planning on soaking in the tub, make sure that you have cleaned yourself well before you get in. This will prevent the blood from flowing into the tub.

2. If you are a swimmer and swim often while on period, then use the technique that you use there--use a tampon before getting into the tub and there won't be any discharge to worry about.

3. If you can't get around to the idea of sitting in a bath while on your cycle, then opt for a hot shower instead. Taking a shower is just as relaxing, and will work just as well in getting rid of all the tiredness.

4. If possible, do not sit in the bath that has had some blood flow in it, for long periods.

5. If you've been in a tub where there have been stray traces of blood, make sure to take a shower after you come out.

6. Keep in mind that once you stand up in the bath, the blood flow will start again. So, make sure that you have either a towel to clean yourself or get into a shower.

Taking a bath while on period is absolutely OK. This should act as a relief to all the women out there, bogged down by this niggling doubt. So the next time when you have your period, and you feel like your head is bursting, and your stomach is churning--do one thing, just take a nice hot water bath.