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Practical Tips for Making Maternity Clothes at Home

Mrunal Belvalkar Apr 17, 2019
Feeling awkward about attending that party with your baby bump? Shed the blues away! You can look hot even when you are pregnant, as you will find out here.
Your expenses increase by leaps and bounds and sometimes out-of-bounds too, once you get pregnant. But every expecting couple spends like crazy and quite happily too. Among the top-most things that cost you a lot of money when your baby is on its way are clothes. You need new ones, and lots of them too!
But sometimes it is impractical to keep on buying new clothes every month, and hence many mums-to-be make their own maternity clothes at home - at least a few if not all. If you are someone who has completed a fashion designing course, or if you are simply someone who likes stitching and crafting, you are going to enjoy making maternity clothes at home.
However, maternity clothes require a very different approach while designing and stitching. You need to take into account a lot of points that probably wouldn't normally top your list of concerns while buying clothes otherwise! Here are some easy tips for making maternity clothes at home.

Pointers to Follow While Making Maternity Dresses

Keep in mind the following tips for stitching maternity clothes at home, and you can hit the streets looking absolutely irresistible even in your baby bump!

Size Matters

Pregnant means big and growing. Choose patterns and trends that won't make you feel conspicuous. Look for fashion patterns that will accommodate your baby bump comfortably as it grows. However, this does not mean making maternity clothes unnecessarily 2 or 3 sizes bigger than your size! Plus size clothes will make you look bulky and heavy for no good reason!
Choose just the right size and trim your clothes down. Snug fits will emphasize your otherwise slim and slender body and will give you that feeling of being embraced around your belly. This is especially a nice feeling, as many pregnant women like to rub and caress their bellies during pregnancy... it feels nice!

Comfort is Foremost

Pregnancy, though one of the proudest periods of a woman's life, can be full of trials. From cramps in early pregnancy to abdominal pain during late pregnancy, pregnancy may bring with it a lot of other ailments too.
Comfort should hence be top-most on your list when creating maternity clothes at home. It is essential that you feel good about your appearance, and you won't feel good about yourself if you are not comfortably dressed.
Do not try to stitch clothes that are too fashionable and compromise on the comfort level. Pregnancy - till you get used to the bun in your oven - can make you clumsy and awkward. Hence, it is important to be prepared for anything that might go wrong! Nah, relax, we were just pulling your leg! But yes, comfort is of utmost importance.


The fabrics you choose to make your maternity clothes need to be chosen carefully. Consider following points while picking fabrics -
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick-dry
  • Snug-fit
  • Stain-proof
  • Stretchy materials
Opting for fabrics that give you a nice snug fit would be a good idea as your belly can grow into your clothes, and they will continue to fit you through 2, maybe even 3 trimesters. Cotton fabrics need a lot of care and maintenance.
Cotton also stains quickly and easily. We would personally recommend against it. This is especially important if you plan on wearing the pregnancy clothes even after your baby arrives. Clothes tend to stain while breast-feeding, irrespective of how much care you take. Hence, quick-drying fabrics would be a better option to choose.

Fashionably Pregnant!

Who says pregnant means boring? You can flaunt your baby bump in style and prove people, who say that, wrong! Consider using belts on dresses - low-waist belts, under-the-bust belts.
Many a time women prefer not to wear a bra when they are pregnant. It becomes rather uncomfortable, especially post-delivery, when you have to feed the baby. So consider V-necks on dresses, tops, and t-shirts. They will help you flaunt your cleavage without looking clumsy! 
Do not do away with the old jackets and coats in your wardrobe. Simply wear them with the front left open. It will help you conceal your bump, if it makes you feel awkward. You can team a body-hugging sweater or t-shirt with a jacket. Opt for kimono cuts on tops. They look gorgeous. Wraparounds look pretty too. Embrace your motherhood and flaunt that belly!


We would personally advice you to buy bottoms rather than stitching them at home. Almost all leading clothes brands have a special collection of maternity clothes that are practical, fashionable, chic and very comfortable. They are well-equipped with broad waist-bands that will support your belly and not let it sag or look out of shape.
Maternity jeans can prove to be a blessing - especially if jeans are an indispensable clothing item for you! They also super-comfy and manageable while traveling, shopping and doing all kinds of daily chores. If you love wearing skirts, maybe you can make your own maternity skirts at home. The key here would be to select the right waist-band pattern for you.
Consider the trimester in which you plan to wear your skirt to get a better idea of what kind of a skirt you should make. For night-wear, you can opt for loose cotton pants, Bermudas etc.
Becoming a mother is a very special phase in every woman's life. My brother says he fell in love all over again with my sister-in-law when she was pregnant with his son. "It was like she had a zero-watt bulb glowing under her skin," he once said to me; "she looked divinely beautiful!" 
The kind of maternity clothes you choose to wear can make you feel more confident about your growing belly without making you feel conspicuous or awkward, and that is a big thing when you are going through so many physical and emotional changes in yourself. Go ahead - be a hot mama!