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Cost of an Ultrasound

Stephen Rampur Nov 20, 2018
The ultrasound cost is not something to be too worried about, as it is considered as an essential diagnosis that is to be carried out on pregnant women.
When a woman is pregnant, there are many different kinds of medical examinations that are to be done in order to assess her and the baby's health condition. One of such tests is the ultrasound, sometimes also known as a ultrasonography.
Before getting these types of pregnancy tests done, it is very important to find out the estimated cost of the procedures, as minor examinations can substantially add up to the overall expenses.
This process employs high-frequency sound waves, inaudible to the human ear, for obtaining images of the baby inside. Using ultrasound technology, the doctors can make sure that there are no complications present in the delivery and the baby's growth is quite normal.
In the examination, the medical professional gently presses the transducer probe onto the abdomen, after which the images of the baby are displayed on the monitor. Ultrasound is also used to determine abnormalities in other parts of the body.
An ultrasound done at stand alone facilities may cost you upto US $300, while the one performed at hospitals can cost you between US $200 - US $1000. The cost may vary according to several conditions such as the medical facility, location, and most importantly, the health insurance chosen by the patient.
Remember that if you are planning to undergo an ultrasonography, just for the purpose of determining the baby's gender or for watching it, you might not get any insurance benefit. But if you are going to undergo this procedure because it is medically necessary and recommended by a doctor, then a majority of the health insurance policies would cover the cost.
Additional factors that impact the costs are 3D pictures, videos, slide shows, and color images which can be taken home as keepsakes. These services may be offered by stand-alone medical baby care settings. Generally, ultrasound costs can fall anywhere between US $200 to US $650 or more.
If you get the procedure done in a hospital, the cost would be more, as compared to what you would have to pay in an outpatient clinical setting. Also, there is a possibility of getting the price reduced by negotiation in such a setting.
If you somehow happen to miss the appointment; some facilities may charge a cancellation fee, while others may not. The insurance company will not be held responsible for paying such fees, and you will need to bear such expenses. For getting the best price, make sure that you discuss with your health insurance provider regarding policy coverage.