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Use of Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Priya Johnson Apr 21, 2019
There is nothing better than a massage during pregnancy. With all the aches and pains one has to bear, the thought of some pampering is nothing but welcoming. These days, vibrating massage chairs are also used to massage the body. However, is it safe during pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a time when you have to question everything you do and double-check if it's safe to do what you are doing. One such thing is using a massage chair during these crucial nine months. While a pregnant woman longs to get a nice massage to relieve her of her aching back, shoulders, arms and legs, how safe is it to use a vibrating massage chair?
There is a lot of conflicting information floating around regarding massage chairs and pregnancy. Let's try to clear most of the confusion in this story.

Is Using a Vibrating Massage Chair Safe During Pregnancy?

As reported by the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Office of Health Education, the massage chair helps improve upper body circulation, thus providing relief from aches and pains. Based on this concept, the chair was formed. Are these chairs safe for pregnant women? Do the vibrations from an electric chair prove fatal for the fetus in the womb?
The fetus in the womb is enveloped safely in the amniotic sac, which contains amniotic fluid. This fluid and sac cushion the fetus, thereby providing ample protection to it. Sitting on a vibrating chair for a massage will in no way affect the fetus. The vibrations caused are just like the vibrations caused when one is walking and won't cause any harm.
The next factor that stirs up concern in a mother-to-be, is the fact about the electromagnetic radiations emitted, because the chair runs on electricity. However, the electromagnetic radiations emitted are very weak and are not strong enough to cause any harm to the growing fetus.
Chair massages are known to be safe during all stages of pregnancy, however, it is best to use them during the second and third trimesters, simply because the first trimester is associated with greater risk of miscarriage.
A pregnant woman can sit on the vibrating chair for 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day. However, sitting for longer is seen to spearhead muscle pain. As long as one uses the massage chair in moderation, no harm will befall the mother-to-be or the developing fetus.
Overall, vibrating massage chairs are safe for pregnant women, however, women with large bellies should ensure they don't put pressure on their belly while sitting in the chair. Moreover, if a woman is too large to fit into the chair, it is advised not to try to squeeze in.
This will only apply unwanted pressure on the abdomen and may not be very safe. Women with complications such as placenta praevia, etc. during their pregnancy, should also avoid sitting on these chairs.
Most labels on the massage chairs state that if you are pregnant, do not use it. These are primarily put on the label, as chair manufacturers do not want to be sued by any pregnant woman, who claims to have faced complications after sitting on it. They fear that even if the complication has not been triggered, women may blame the chair for the misfortune.

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair During Pregnancy

Relieves Aches and Pains

Massages are wonderful ways to relax. They not only increase blood circulation, but also loosen strained muscles of the body. It calms the nervous system, reducing anxiety during pregnancy. Pregnant women are usually very tired and sore from all the backache, stressed shoulders. The massage chair helps relieve all that pain, enabling them to sleep well.

Improves One's Mood

Besides relieving physical stress, a massage chair also helps relieve mental stress. A massage not only helps alleviate the aches and pains during pregnancy, but also helps relieve the overall discomfort one feels. This leaves the mother-to-be all relaxed and in a better mood. She feels refreshed and energetic after the massage.
Massages result in increase in endorphin (feel good chemicals) levels in the blood, which conduce to a positive attitude. The pampering one gets from the chair, makes one feel psychologically good, especially at a time when the baby is the center of attention.
Before sitting on a vibrating chair, check with your gynecologist and follow his advice. Inform the massage therapist about your stage in pregnancy. If you are too worried about its effects on your unborn child, then it's better to avoid it, so as to prevent further stress. Above all, what matters is the safety of your baby and your mental peace! Take care!