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Weight Gain Tips for Girls

Being too skinny is also not good for health, just as it is not a healthy sign to be overweight or obese. So, in case you are planning to put on some extra pounds in a healthy manner, scroll down.
HerHaleness Staff
Did someone say weight gain? That is such a fantastic change from the way people keep ranting about weight loss. Well, to your surprise (and mine too!) this article is going to be about gaining a few pounds! But wait, that certainly does not imply that you go on an eating spree. That means eating right and doing things a bit differently than you would do for weight loss. If you go on an eating binge, and that too, things like chocolates, cakes, and cheese burgers, well, then that is not a very good idea. What we want is to gain weight in a healthy manner.
Weight Gain Pointers for Girls
Muscle or Fat?
When you say you want to gain weight, there are unfortunately only two ways to do that. Either by building up muscles or by consuming fats. When a woman wants to gain weight, she is not enticed by the idea of eating fats, on the other hand, she does not want to look muscular as well. To top it all, the problem with fat is that it does not get distributed evenly in your body. It never goes where you desire it to. The way out, then, is muscle building, by indulging in some weight training as a part of your workout schedule.
Not the Same Exercises Please
Change the areas you focus in your work outs. Stretch yourself a bit more when it comes to weight training. Once you do that, you would get into the habit of stretching your muscles and working beyond your comfort zone. This would ultimately lead to gaining muscle mass and overall weight. You need to force your muscles to grow, and cut down a bit on cardio exercises, as they would burn calories.
As all of you must have been told umpteen number of times, proteins are essential for our body, especially for muscle building. Hence, having dairy products rich in protein is a must in your diet plan. For that, add cheese and butter to your diet, but avoid overdoing it.
Calories in Disguise
Your motive is to gain weight, so calories are the key. Sneak in calories where ever you can, but ensure that you do not feel bloated. If you know where to add calories or rather which food product has room for calories, you have won half the battle. Therefore, in this endeavor, what you can do is, you can add a little more sauce on your grilled sandwich. Or pour some syrup on your pancakes, or a spoonful more of the salad dressing. Calories consumed in this manner do not give you the sensation of overeating.
Water Everywhere
For losing weight, you are advised to drink lots of water. Here, non caffeine and non-alcoholic drinks can serve the purpose well. Milk shakes, juices, soda along with your meals will give your calories the required boost, and lead to weight gain.
Depending upon your body type, requirements, and so on, the way you go about your diet and exercise will vary. Make sure that in your desire to gain weight, you do not eat high cholesterol and high sugar food, as it could create serious health problems. Finally, it would be better to obtain advise from a nutritionist before you take the plunge. All the Best!
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a dietitian or nutritionist.