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What Causes Headaches and High Blood Pressure?

Saptakee Sengupta Apr 19, 2019
The question here is what causes headaches and high blood pressure. Here, we provide the most probable reasons behind getting a headache and also having high blood pressure at the same time. Read on...
Having a mild headache due to cold, stress and tension is something very natural. A headache, which occurs regularly when you are suffering from high blood pressure, however, needs immediate medical diagnosis. High blood pressure has many side effects in the body and headache is one of them.
High blood pressure is a condition wherein the blood pressure rises above 140/90mmHg. Those who frequently experience headaches with high blood pressure could be suffering from severe health complications that could be associated with plenty of factors like weak cardiac health, hypertension, brain disorders, etc. We shall explain the causes shortly.

Bad Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is, to a large extent, responsible to your bad health. A diet that is rich in carbohydrates, glucose, and cholesterol is detrimental to heart health. It causes arterial blockage, thereby causing a sudden spike in your blood pressure level.
Sometimes, the symptoms of high blood pressure go undetected and you are more likely to ignore the headaches. The condition further aggravates when you lead a sedentary and stressful lifestyle.
A diet rich in calories and a lifestyle devoid of exercises is one of the prime reasons behind simultaneous occurrence of headaches and high blood pressure. Smoking and alcohol have damaging effects on our heart health, that also trigger headaches to a large extent.


When you take a lot of tension, your blood pressure rises. Hypertension is the most common reason behind high blood pressure and headache.
When you take excessive tension, then you are bound to think much more than you do normally. You are gripped by severe headaches when you are tensed. This usually happens due to pressure coming from different directions, that include family, peers, and work. Your health deteriorates further when you are deprived of sleep.
Insomnia is a dangerous consequence of hypertension. All these ill factors might lead you to getting addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking. So, you can well understand how one symptom is connected to the other.
Under serious circumstances, malignant hypertension could also cause heart attacks or sudden strokes. In such circumstances, a headache is just a presage. The individual would also suffer from chest pain, palpitation, sweating, dizziness and nervousness. These symptoms are always associated with high blood pressure prevailing for a long time.

Throbbing Headache

What types of headaches are you most likely to suffer from when having high blood pressure? Unlike normal headaches, where your forehead tends to pain slightly, headaches due to high blood pressure cause excruciating pain in the head. The entire head is gripped with severe pain that might also spread to the neck and shoulders.
The center and the back of the head throb while the pain experienced is sharp. You are more likely to suffer from constant headaches that could be migraines or cluster attacks. Hypertension is the main causative agent behind such types of headache.
Other factors that trigger headaches or elevated blood pressure are diet rich in chocolates, sugars, fast foods, junks and cholesterol. Depending upon the types of food you consume, the intensity of your headaches and your blood pressure level will vary.

Health Ailments

A person who is suffering from diabetes, obesity and overweight problems is vulnerable to getting headaches and high blood pressure at the same time. Chronic kidney diseases (polycystic kidney diseases, toxicity), endocrine disorders, and autoimmune disorders are also responsible for the same.
Simultaneous occurrence of high blood pressure and headache is also the consequence of coarctation of the aorta and atherosclerosis. It could also be the side effect of improper medicinal dosage of birth control pills, beta blockers, pain killers, corticosteroids, cold medicines, appetite and headache suppressants.

During Pregnancy

Women who suffer from regular headaches and also have considerably high blood pressure during pregnancy should be extremely cautious as it might lead to miscarriage.
The factors that are responsible for this condition are lack of sleep, tension, alcohol and caffeine withdrawal, low blood sugar, hyperthyroidism and unhealthy diet. It's a medical emergency and could lead to pre-eclampsia. Medically it's defined as pregnancy induced hypertension and pregnant women are vulnerable to getting a sudden stroke.
Women who already have a history of high blood pressure, heart diseases and obesity should be extra careful during their gestation period.
Both the symptoms should not be neglected under any circumstances as they are detrimental to health. An early diagnosis helps in knowing the underlying causes, which can then ensure proper and timely treatment, aiding in quick recovery.