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What to Wear During Pregnancy

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Apr 17, 2019
Are you finding it tough to shop for your pregnancy wardrobe? Here are some tips on dressing comfortably during pregnancy that should surely help you out.
Pregnancy clothing was earlier synonymous with large, tent size dresses that were absolutely unflattering. Women were more inclined towards hiding their large belly rather than flaunt it with stylish dresses. However, the trend, since then has changed for good. Women are becoming experimental and bold with their pregnancy clothing.
Besides, there are no more inhibitions about exposing a pregnant belly, thanks to celebrities like Britney Spears and Demi Moore who graced the cover pages of glamor magazines while pregnant. Nevertheless, an average woman is still in a confused state when it comes to choosing clothes to wear during pregnancy.

Clothes to Wear During Early Pregnancy

During early pregnancy, your body won't undergo significant changes, though, you may see a drastic increase in your breast size.
Besides, you may notice that you do not fit into your clothes the way you did before conceiving. Nonetheless, this is not the time to shop for pregnancy clothes as you will need them later on in pregnancy. You can get away with making a few changes in your existing wardrobe to accommodate that small baby bump.
If you have clothing in materials such as lycra or any other stretch fabric, then you can get away without any major shopping trips. However, make sure you buy comfortable bras to accommodate for your increasing breast size. But make sure you only buy a couple of them, as you will have to keep shopping for larger sizes every now and then.

Clothes to Wear During Late Pregnancy

By the end of the first trimester, you may notice that none of your pre-pregnancy clothes fit you now. This is the time to make smart changes to your wardrobe. While buying pregnancy clothes, make sure you do not invest in expensive stuff as you will only be wearing it for a few months.
Buy clothing that you can mix and match so that you have a lot of variety in your wardrobe. While buying pregnancy clothes, go for darker hues as they give an impression of a slimmer appearance. Colors like black, navy, chocolate brown, gray, etc., make you look thinner by at least two sizes. Besides, go for vertical stripes which add to your height.
Also, go for tops and bottoms in single color to bring monotony to your appearance. This takes away all the attention from your middle, which is by far the heaviest part. If you opt for two different colors, your top will end right at your belly, thereby inviting attention to your large belly and buttocks.
While choosing materials for pregnancy clothes, go for fabrics that are comfortable, airy and stretchable. Having too many wrap dresses in your wardrobe definitely helps during pregnancy. You can make your own style statement by choosing wrap tops and skirts.
Wrap dresses snugly fit your body and enhance your feminine curves, without making you look trashy. Besides, you can also opt for fabrics in flowing materials which look very cute and offer maximum comfort for expecting mothers. Dresses in this material that flare at the bust look absolutely stunning.

Where to Shop for Pregnancy Clothing?

You will find the most exquisite collection of pregnancy and maternity dresses at stores dedicated to pregnancy clothing. As these shops specialize in this type of clothing, they can perfectly cater to your individual needs and demands. Internet is other resource where you can find good collection of plus size maternity clothes.
A cheap alternative would be to borrow clothes from a friend or family member who has delivered recently. They would be too happy to give away their pregnancy clothes, unless they are planning to conceive soon.
Although, comfort is the keyword while deciding pregnancy clothing, you need not compromise on the style and elegance of your attire. You can surely go ahead and flaunt your pregnancy belly in stylish clothes. After all, you sure deserve a confidence boost before you are ready to welcome your little bundle of joy.