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When Do You Start Showing During Pregnancy

Dhanashree Patane Apr 14, 2019
The happy news brings along a lot of questions and queries for an expecting mother. Curious about when do you start showing during pregnancy? Understand more about the visual signs of carrying your little one.
A woman will know the existence of her baby right from the moment of confirmation of the pregnancy. The feeling is limited to the internal mind and heart. A lot of expecting mothers would like to share the joy of carrying the much awaited bundle of joy to the world not only with an internal conscience, but also with a visual evidence of the baby inside her.
During the early stages of pregnancy, a woman's body goes through a lot of changes. These symptoms will differ as every woman and every pregnancy is different. Similarly, the appearance of baby bump depends on each woman, her body, weight gain, height, previous pregnancies, etc. On an average, the belly starts showing during second trimester or 14-17 weeks.

When Do You Start to Show Pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks. This time is further divided in three trimesters. The first trimester has weeks 1 to 12, the second has weeks 13 to 28, and the third trimester marks the weeks from 28 until the baby is born. As discussed earlier, usually a woman will start showing during the second trimester or the fourth month (14-17 weeks).
Changes in the waistline and other body statistics will happen, sometimes, even before the fourth month. Even if this is the average range, most of the pregnancies in women will not follow this usual timetable. Let us look at some factors for the same.
Body Types and Size: It is observed that taller women show their baby bump much later than women who are short. Also, women who have a thin frame show much earlier, whereas, those with heavier bodies are more likely to show later as their body fat tends to hide the bulge.
Number of Pregnancies: This is one of the major considerations of when do you start showing during second pregnancy. If a woman has experienced pregnancies before, her abdominal muscles and uterus are more relaxed and expand more easily and quickly. Hence, she is most likely to show earlier than women in their first pregnancy.
Weight Gain During Pregnancy: The average weight gain during the early stages is about 5 pounds. However, if a woman gains more weight, about 10 pounds or more, her belly would start showing much sooner.
Type of Clothing: This is not the kind of physical or medical factor. It is more like a perception of the tummy in clothes. Women who are used to wearing tight fitting or tailored clothes may require maternity clothes sooner. This does not mean that the belly is showing sooner than usual.
These simple facts can answer most of your questions regarding when do you start to show during pregnancy. Do not panic if there is a problem with your belly showing sooner or later. If your doctor conveys a no worries signal, you can relax and not worry about this issue.

Significance of Showing in Trimesters

Pregnancy terms may be confusing. Let us see about showing of the belly in each trimester and what does it define.
First Trimester: Weight gain, constipation, weak abdominal muscles, and bloating can lead to showing in this trimester. Women also have the question in their mind as to when do you start showing during pregnancy with twins?
Well, showing in the first trimester may be an indication that you are pregnant with twins. In case of a second pregnancy and beyond, most women will start showing by the end of this trimester.
Second Trimester: This is the most likely time for women to start showing. Bloating during this trimester is absolutely normal with gradual signs of pregnancy.

Third Trimester: There is no need to panic if you have not shown until this trimester. There may be variable reasons like weight, body type, etc. An ultrasound will detect why you are not showing.
Expecting mothers should not worry about how much they are showing. The weight and health of the baby cannot be determined with how much your belly has protruded. If you have any concerns about weight gain or the size of the baby, you must strictly consult your gynecologist/obstetrician.
Making your own prescriptions, dieting, and lowering the intake of calories is a strict 'no' without your doctor's consultation.

Your baby is the most awaited bunch of happiness and content. The moment you start showing during pregnancy, it will only create a more visual connection between you and your baby!
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.