Whey Protein for Women

Whey protein is slowly gaining momentum among women as an aid to boost weight loss. We provide some information on the various aspects related to its consumption.
Anannya Saikia Nov 18, 2018
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Protein levels of the body start depleting once an individual starts exercising. Hence, the requirement of amino acids arises. If the body is provided with the necessary amount of amino acids, it maintains the protein level and also enhances endurance and mass buildup.
Proteins that are derived from whey, which is the liquid which remains after milk has been curdled for making yogurt or cottage cheese, are of an extremely high quality. It is a complete protein in itself, which supplies amino acids to the muscles. It is a collection of proteins and protein fractions (also known as peptides).
This is why, it is often consumed by athletes and bodybuilders. However, women generally do not prefer whey, afraid they might gain too much body muscle. This is not entirely true though. When consumed in right quantities, it can prove to be very beneficial in burning fat as well as toning body muscles.

Associated Benefits

One of the most important benefits of whey protein is that it acts as an agent to reduce hunger. It also enhances the fat burning effects of exercise. When consumed daily, it helps in bringing down the body weight. It can also be found in various weight loss products.
The form that contains protein isolate is considered to be the best, since it is easy and quick to digest. It is also very low in fat and lactose. Supplementing one's diet with it along with regular exercise increases one's metabolic rate. This increases the amount of calories one burns every day.

Best Whey Protein for Women

While looking for a brand, make sure that you select one that has this protein as the main ingredient. Although all kinds of whey are a rich source of protein, they vary greatly. Brands that contain protein isolate with almost ninety percent pure protein are recommended for women.
Drinking one or two servings of the protein shake is often recommended. This shake can be included in breakfast, between meals, before and after workout, and before going to bed. The protein can also be found in a variety of products like snack bars, shakes, powder formulas, and supplements.
Apart from aiding in weight loss, whey protein also assists in healthy aging. It also prevents osteoporosis, which is very common in menopausal women. Other health benefits include maintaining immune health, bone health, boost in metabolism, fat loss, and lean tissue growth.
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