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Yellow Discharge Before Period

Causative Factors and Symptoms of Yellow Discharge Before Period

Has there been a yellow discharge before period, lately? Is it caused by some infection? Keep reading to know more about this subject.
Narayani Karthik
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Vaginal discharge is absolutely normal during menstruation. Before ovulation, quite a lot of mucus is produced (about 30 times more than post ovulation). It is also commonly known as the cervical mucus and during this period, it is also quite watery and elastic, depending on the phase of ovulation cycle. A woman on an average, discharges about 2 gms of dead cells with 3 gms of mucus as a means of a self-cleaning mechanism, because the vagina stays moist for the most time. The discharge in the middle of the monthly cycle becomes thinner and clearer, resembling something like an uncooked egg white and on being exposed to air, turns yellow. But there are other reasons too for a yellow discharge before menstruation.
Triggers for Yellow Colored Discharge
Bacterial vaginosis is one of the tangible causes for this condition, where the discharge smells fishy. This is also one of the main causes for yellowish discharge during pregnancy. Antibiotics like metronidazole, clindamycin and vaginal creams like acetic acid vaginal jelly, aid in arresting this infection. Many a time, the yellow discharge before period is also associated with vaginitis, which is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. The discharge is thick, frothy and yellowish green and the vulva feels itchy and sore. At this time, even passing urine is painful. Vaginitis can culminate into a serious condition, if left ignored as it can spread to the fallopian tube as well. In such case, immediate medical attention must be sought from a genitourinary medicine clinic.
Another probable cause for this discharge could be cervicitis too. This is a case of an inflamed cervix. The vaginal discharge in this condition could be a yellowish pus-like discharge with a very bad odor (also known as mucopurulent discharge). Other probable causes could be cervical polyps, sexually transmitted infections and other pelvic inflammatory diseases. One of the sexually transmitted infections, gonorrhea, can cause a yellow colored discharge, which could become a serious medical condition, if ignored, as this condition can damage the eggs and cause infertility. Even thrush (which is caused by yeast: Candida albicans) can cause severe itching in the genital region resulting in a thick discharge before a menstrual cycle.
Signs Preceding Yellow Vaginal Discharge
Following are some symptoms which can confirm your doubts about this condition:
  • The vaginal discharge may smell bad (fishy odor).
  • The discharge is thick (like cottage cheese) and is tinged with yellow. (A suspected case of Candida infection)
  • There is blood in the vaginal discharge when one is not menstruating.
  • Severe itching is felt in the genital region.
  • There could be genital sores/ulcers/rashes.
  • Abdominal pain could be felt during intercourse.
  • Unprotected sex could be a reason, where the person may have contracted a sexually transmitted infection.
Risk Factors
So now we know that a vaginal discharge is not abnormal, let's understand what conditions can indicate a concern. If there is a change in color of the vaginal discharge (like green or yellow) or if it is clumpy and releases a bad odor, it is best to see a doctor. Such cases indicate that there could be some fungal infection which could be responsible for the yellow discharge before menses.
If the discharge is white and occurs at the beginning and the end of the menstrual cycle, then it is a normal vaginal discharge. However, if there is itching in the vaginal area followed by a thick yellowish discharge, there is a probability of an untreated yeast infection (also known as candidiasis) that is exhibiting the candida symptoms in women. Otherwise, if the mucus is clear and stretchy, then the vaginal discharge during ovulation is a positive sign indicating the fertile period of a female. But if the vaginal discharge is yellow, it is a clear indication of an infection infesting in the vagina.
Preventive Measures
So it is quite apparent that personal hygiene and protected sex will help keep away any unwanted disorders from occurring. However cliché this may sound, prevention is any day better than cure. Although a female's body is designed to have a self-cleaning mechanism of the genital areas, it is still very much advised to wash these areas when having bath or post urination. DO NOT use perfumed soaps for cleaning genital regions as these regions contain friendly bacteria as well, which aid in the self-cleansing mechanism. Usage of strong and perfumed soaps can wash off these bacteria.
A natural remedy to enhance the cleaning mechanism is by using yogurt, which contains the friendly lactobacilli bacteria, that helps in combating other infections. One can also follow the candida cleanse diet to get rid of the excess yeast from the body. Also, DO NOT wear tight-fitting undergarments and last but not the least, drink a lot of water everyday! Water is the best detoxifier one could ever have!
So now that you know the causes, symptoms, and treatment for the yellow discharge before a menstrual cycle, follow good personal hygiene and be assured, such embarrassing problems will never cross your path for even once. Take care!
Disclaimer:This article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.